Saturday, 9 April 2011

A week in the country

So we've settled into Shropshire living quite nicely! It's been a week of exploring, mostly to find different cupcakeries, but along the way we've discovered some lovely sights too! like this beautiful garden in the town of Oswestry, which was a war memorial... 

and I was particularly impressed to find this bible reference from John on a slab of stone.

We also followed a sign one day to Moreton Corbet Castle, it's only about 15 minutes from my parents house but I had never been before and it was a beautiful sunny day too.

By decided to do a bit of impromptu 'rock climbing' in preparation for when we join the rock climbing club when we head to Bangor! 

and I had a go too.

A nice arty shot of the blue sky through the old windows taken by Byron...

and a snap happy shot of the both of us!

We passed this lovely rape field on the way home and I just had to hop out and take a picture! I have a new found appreciation for the English countryside and have just not stopped snapping since I got back! 

Yesterday was another beautiful day in was the start of a mini heatwave here this weekend and I counted 15 guys out and about without their shirts on (how chavvy!) there were people out in shorts and flip flops and there were even some girls tanning in the park...

clearly I haven't quite adjusted from the Caribbean climate yet and so it was still hoodies and hats for me! 
We found the most amazing flower garden that has been built in place of an old quarry...

have you ever seen such a beautiful tulip with purple inside?! amazing!

and I love how well our new camera captures these vibrant springtime colours! 

Can you believe how blue that sky is! It was the perfect backdrop to accompany this exquisite garden.

By just couldn't get enough of that blue sky! it's not often we have a cloud free day here in England! 

We're certainly living life and loving it! By bought a pair of wellies and has been busy all week at our house digging a vegetable patch, so far he has planted potatoes, carrots, beans and cucumbers.  Yesterday he had to buy some steel toed boots for a day of work he got through an agency today, and we've even been out trying to get him a cheap pellet gun this week so he can do a spot of target shooting in the garden! He's clearly loving country living! and with all these wonderful quaint villages and picturesque places nearby it's not hard to see why! 


  1. Ohhh loving the new blog! Or rather transformed blog. We've been planting this week too - rocket, peppers, stawbs and tomatoes.
    We did a Jones tradition today of Costco - the samples were all meaty but I did have a tasty slice of pizza.
    Good times!

  2. It's awesome how that John reference is on a stone! Your pictures are beautiful. I hope to visit a place like that one day!

  3. Wow! It was so amazing to look through these beautiful pictures! =)
    Kristina J.