Monday, 12 September 2011

Pulled Pork Loving!

This week has been a week of farewells as we say our goodbyes and head off to Bangor.  On Thursday night it was a St.G's girls night of pulled pork fun at Red Dog Saloon with...

Nats and Caz...

Jay-dee and Jo...

and Lauren and Amys.

I was pretty excited that everyone decided to join in and order pulled pork, even those that were slightly hesistant at first (Amy!) eventually admitted it was really tasty! 

How can it not be? it's pulled pork! 

These are mine and Jade's 'we loved pulled pork' faces.  Clearly I was a little more excited about it all than she was! 


This summer living between London and Milton Keynes has been the nearest I've lived to Harpenden for 7 years!!  so it has been really nice to be able to see lots more of these girls than usual and we have had alot of fun.

I'm sure going to miss them.

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  1. Oh my gosh that last comment is soooo American!!!
    It looks like you had a great nigth and produced some fab pics! xx