Monday, 10 October 2011

Some Belated London Goodbyes

So I'm playing catch up on the last of my pictures from the summer.  This should have been blogged about a loooong time ago! My friend Nicola took me here to Westfield as a belated birthday treat and what a treat it was!!

Oh Byron burgers and root beer floats...had I known it was going to be so long before I get to visit you again I would have savoured you that little bit longer!!

Byron is by far one of my favourite restaurants to go to London, and not just because it has the namesake of my one true love! but because it does amazingly tasty and thick milkshakes, yes I'm talking Oreo flavour! and as if that isn't good enough they do A&W root beer floats which is so awesome in my book...

and lets not forget their hamburgers and fries! the stars of the show, although I'm pretty sure I could fill up on root beer floats all night long and it would still be a great meal in my opinion! 

and whilst we're on the theme of burgers and shakes.  One of my last nights in London was spent at Tinseltown in Farringdon as a little farewell with some of my uni friends Nadira and Nicola, and Sinead which was pretty cool because back in the Harpenden days Sinead and Jade and I spent many a night at Tinseltown - it was our fave hangout! Plus where else can you get a double thick shake at 1am in the morning after skanking your socks off all night long to your fave band! 

It's pretty safe to say Tinseltown is the original milkshake was around long before Shakeaway and it's amazing choice of flavours were pretty innovative back in the day!

and they still get us just as excited today! especially for Nad...what a way to break a fast! Poor Nad had to wait while I snapped this shot of her, she exercised pretty good self restraint I must say! 

Reece's Peanut Butter Cup shakes certainly went down a treat! 

and Nicola went for the old Oreo classic! what else! There is no better way I can think of than spending an evening with some of my best friends and some of the best shakes in London! Thanks for an awesome night ladies!

Hopefully I'll have tracked down somewhere that sells a decent Oreo shake by the time you come to visit us in Wales...but if not we'll just do it R: Unit style and make them homemade like we used to!

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