Friday, 4 November 2011

The Great Outdoors

A few weeks ago we went on an organised walk with the Snowdonia Society that By is a member of.  When we turned up we were the only two people there under the age of 60, it was pretty random...

but we enjoyed the walk all the same! We went along the Synchant Pass just near our house.  It was quite a clear day so the views were great.

I was not especially happy about having to wear tracksuit bottoms, anyone who knows me will know I have a hatred of tracksuit bottoms.  They make me feel like a I really need to invest in some proper walking trousers for the future I think! 

Autumn has well and truly arrived here in North Wales...and I've been desperately seeking out the most colourful trees I can find.

By took this picture for me on a field trip he went on recently with his course.  The colours are fairly impressive but I'm still on the lookout for even more impressive scenery.

I'll leave you with this sun peeking through the trees shot, yes that husband of mine is really a pretty awesome photographer...and he took me to Chester this week for a day of food filled fun which makes him even more awesome, check back in a few days for the pics! 

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  1. chav! I didn't even know you owned a pair of tracksuit bottoms - how funny! xx