Sunday, 11 December 2011

An Afternoon at Aber Falls

You may have noticed a slight undertone in my blogging since we've moved of me not being all too impressed with our new surroundings ;) and for that I apologise.

I mean I guess it's not Wales' fault that it doesn't have any of my favourite shops or restaurants or that it doesn't know how to make a decent cupcake because to be fair people don't travel to Wales for the good shopping, they come because of this.... 

The great outdoors! the beautiful scenery, and well I guess while you can get a great cupcake in London and shop up a storm after grabbing a double thick shake and some corn dogs at The Diner you can't find places like these! 

So I'm trying to appreciate Wales for what it can offer...rather than dwell on what it can't, and what it offered to Byron and I last week was a trip to Aber Falls.  Unfortunately we came a few weeks late and all the trees had already lost their leaves so it wasn't quite as colourful as I had hoped for but we enjoyed our walk up to the Falls all the same.

The water was so powerful that it created quite a spray that could be felt from a fair distance away! 

We may not have seen too many red and orange leaves but we did see these red berries which were pretty festive :)

and we even managed to find a strategically placed rock so we could snap a picture of the two of us enjoying our great outdoors! 

In other news this week, we ran a cupcake stall at Bangor Uni's Christmas Market to try and make up for the lack of cupcakes we've come across so far...I'm not sure it was that well received, I have a feeling it would have generated far more excitement if it had been down South but it was still kind of fun to do...

and the countdown is on...9 days 'til we get to go on our London/Harpenden/Ampthill/Wellingborough/Hodnet adventure where we will get to spend time with all our families and friends and I can get my cupcaking, milkshaking and shopping fix! oh yeah! 

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  1. Some great pics - it is beautiful! Not the best weather for it though. I like the berry one - is that the close-up lens!