Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring has sprung...or should that be summer!

A few weeks ago we had this amazingly sunny day.  It was literally the best day we've had since we moved here.  I had spent all week in bed with some kind of food poisoning and was just on the road to recovery so probably should have stayed home recuperating...but when you haven't felt hot sunshine on your face in close to 5 months you can't hang around! 

It was the first time I had been out the house without a coat in who knows how long! 

Byron told me it would only be an hour walk there and back so I thought I could probably manage it.  We packed up a picnic and off we went.  What he neglected to tell me was that it was a steep uphill climb the whole way! It was definitely not just an hour...

but I'm pretty sure that when we got to the top and found this perfect little spot to throw down our blanket and feast on some baguettes while taking in the view, that it all seemed worthwhile! 

I also decided it was a view good enough to start off our collection of taking photos of our feet in interesting places, after being inspired by Verity and Tom who did this! 

A few days later, although it was still blue skies the cooler weather had returned as had our coats and hats! Although for once the wind was actually a good thing because it meant By got to fly his kite on the beach! 

As luck would have it, for a whole 5 days after he got his kite in the post there was no wind at all (which is pretty unheard of around here!) so it was an agonising wait for him until he finally got to test out some tricks! 

I was planning to blog those pictures at the top a few weeks back to say spring had finally arrived! but with the weather we've just had this past weekend it feels like summer is truly on the way! We spent Saturday beach hopping around Anglesey, frisbee-ing and picnic-ing with some delicious pulled pork sandwiches and then yesterday we had our second BBQ of the year with some friends from church.

Today we headed down to the promenade and By busted out his skateboard.  When I was 16, being a skateboarder was pretty high up on my list of prerequisites for guys I dated.  It's fun for me that 10 years later I still love it just as much! 

I cycled alongside By on our little wheelies allowed according to my bike! If the weather keeps up being so great, our last few months in Wales should be some good ones! 

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