Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some Welsh Wandering

It's time for a catch up on what's been happening around here! I've finally finished the taught part of my course so I have a bit more time on my hands (apart from when I'm meant to be writing my dissertation!)
Byron too has finished his first year of lectures and now just has 2 exams to go and then his first year of Uni will be over! I do feel like this year has gone pretty fast! 
A few weeks ago, we climbed the hill behind our house to seek out a rather nice sunset.

It was a bit of a scary climb on the way up, somehow we missed the usual path and ending up having to scramble up lots of rocks that were falling away beneath out feet! 

It was rather chilly when we made it to the top - next time we'll be better prepared and take blankets too! 

but it was worth it to be able to take in this view...

and here you can see the lights of Penmaenmawr below as the darkness was drawing in.

A few days later the sun was shining and so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to drive down to Betws-y-Coed.  We even had a go on the mini stream train for the first time.  

We may or may not have been the only adults on the train (who weren't there for the sake of their children).

We tried, and failed to get a picture of the both of us.  Apparently taking a self shot inside an already very tiny train carriage is trickier than we thought.

We headed back to Alpine Cafe after it impressed us so much the last time, and I was desperate to try some of their 'ice cream shakes'.  Unfortunately they were very disappointing...and I had to play hunt the ice cream.  

Yesterday, I handed in my final two essays and the sun was shining (and after a week of full on rain we couldn't just stay home) so we headed out to Aber Falls.  

This time we decided to take the forest route and I was so glad we did, despite my initial hesistations of wanting to take the easy route due to lack of sleep from the essay writing the previous night! because we wouldn't have seen views like this on the easy path.  I absolutely love Conifer trees...and to be more specific - Spruce trees (thanks By!).  

It was certainly handy having By as my hiking partner with his new found knowledge of so many trees! He even showed me a plant where when you rub it's flowers together it smells like coconut, I was pretty amazed at that! 

and he makes for a pretty great photographer too! 

As we rounded one corner we came face to face with these two lone sheep! It was pretty funny because we were really high up and hadn't seen any other people/animals for the past hour.  They seemed very obliging models and even did a great little pose for us behind all those Christmas trees! 

The sun came out more and more throughout our hike...

which pleased me greatly especially when we could take pictures like this one! 

I love how vivid the green moss was on these rocks! 

Finally, we emerged out of the forest to this lovely view and started the walk down towards the waterfall.

Since we were pretty hot after our forest trek, it was nice to stand near enough to the waterfall to cool off by the spray of the water.

I think you'll agree it's a lot more green since the last time we visited back in December! 

It was a lovely afternoon finished off by indulging in some twisters down on the beach.  Let's hope that Wales can produce some more sunny days like this one to help really give us some fond memories before we leave! 


  1. Is that Wales!? It is so beautiful! I don't think i've ever seen even a picture of the place! (I think I still have relatives living in Wales so i'm dying to get over there!)

    1. Yes it is Wales! I guess I forget how beautiful it is, it's nice to be reminded so thanks! It's not the most exciting place in the world, but if scenery is what you're after then you should defo try and plan a trip :)