Sunday, 9 September 2012

London Loving & 5 Years of Byron Loving!

Last year we had such a fun filled anniversary staycation in London that we decided to do it again!
I can't believe it's been 5 years of milkshake drinking bliss with this guy!

We started out in Hoxton with a little farewell dinner that Jade and Naomi cooked up for us, Mexican, of course because they know how to please! After we had feasted on Fajitas and some Oreo Fudge Cream Pie I had brought for dessert...Jay-dee revealed she had a surprise in store for us!

I was very excited, because I love surprises...

especially when milkshakes are involved!

especially when said milkshakes are SO thick that I could have probably tipped it above my head and it wouldn't have drenched me!

especially when we ended up at this super cool little boutique bar that only has hot dogs, waffles and milkshakes on their menu - yes Jade knows me very well!

especially when I had never even heard of 'The Love Shake' before which was a huge relief to Jade since I'm a bit of a milkshake connoisseur but this was all new!

and what a find it was!

I had an amazing strawberry shortcake milkshake, real fresh strawberry blended with chunks of shortbread - how could that not be amazing!

It was such a fun night, shaking it up until the early hours with my bestie!
On Saturday I had big plans for us! I have been trying to get my hands on a Lucky Chip burger for over a year! Last summer, Mara and I trekked (and it is a trek) to Netil Market...I only had 30 minutes to grab the burger before I had to catch my train and Lucky Chip decided to open late that day! so I missed out.  This time around I was determined we were going to get there, because they are famed for having the best burgers in London!

So after walking the wrong way out of Bethnal Green station, and only realising a great deal later after cycling the wrong way on Boris Bikes..and then getting very wet on said Boris Bikes once it started raining, and then after going the right way and finding Netil Market there were no Boris Bike docking stations nearby and we literally had to cycle all the way back to where we'd started! ditch the bikes and then hop a bus back to the market! So a lot of effort was involved!

and when we were greeted with this unassuming burger truck I wasn't sure whether all that effort was worth it, but then I sunk my teeth into this and I decided I would have cycled through rain in the wrong direction all over again just to eat one of these at the end! It was amazing! plus it was called Kevin Bacon, so I kind of loved it before I'd even tried it! Remember how much I loved Meat Market's burgers? Well I've decided this one sneakily trumps their burgers so if you haven't tried one of them yet you definitely need too!  On some other blogs I had read people saying Lucky Chip also serve the best chips in London so I was pretty excited but mine were WAY too salty and so they didn't get a thumbs up in my book.

Our day was made even better by the fact that Street Shakes had decided to pitch right next to Lucky Chip! The Milkshake Gods were smiling on me kindly this weekend!

I love that Street Shakes combines two of my fave things...old skool VW's and milkshakes! and these weren't just any old milkshakes!

I got a brownie milkshake, which had chunks of homemade brownie blended in! It was so delicious and decadent! For my milkshake loving self, I would have preferred it thicker but that's because I'd stick a straw in a tub of ice cream if I could when it comes to thickness, By thought it was just the right thickness!

and then when we thought we'd got stuck in the rain before, that was nothing compare to what was to come! The heavens opened and there was literally monsoon style rain! We took refuge under our rather flimsy umbrella and waited it out, and saw some rather spectacular lightning in the process!

After that we took a rainy walk to let the food go down! before we were headed to my next spot of fun...

Violet! which I'd heard really good things about.  It's a cute little bakery, little being the operative word! but luckily we found seats to wait for the storm to pass! I've tried their brownies before which are amazing, this time I opted for a mini vanilla bean cupcake and I wasn't impressed but for a warm place to shelter from the rain they did okay!

While we were in the area, we popped into Spitalfields and browsed around Brick Lane a little, and I let our a little gasp as I caught sight of my favourite London landmark!

So naturally pictures had to be snapped.  How I love the Gherkin, and I await the day when they will open that viewing deck up top to the public! 

We rounded off our day of foodie fun with an awesome meal at the...

which is a ....

How cool is that! 

By went all out and enjoyed some Maine Lobster! 

I stuck with the ribs, which were also seriously tasty! It was the perfect place to spend our anniversary! Tasty and fun, just how we like it! 

While the sun was still shining, we made the most of it and headed to Hampstead Heath...

and found the perfect picnic spot! 

It was glorious! Shorts and all! 

Plus co-ordinating with my husband without even planning it is one of my fave things!!

and sunny days accompanied by ice cream are also pretty awesome! 

That evening we headed to another fave spot - Primrose Hill! How people can think London is lacking in green space, I have no idea! Everywhere we turned on our 3 day staycation we were met with completely amazing parks!! What an awesome skyline hey? I love the way the sun as it was going down was reflecting on those buildings in the middle! 

and we weren't the only ones who thought it was a pretty cool spot, there was probably a hundred other people in groups and couples hanging out at the top of the hill!

We also went to check out an exhibition of Mr Brainwash, who is a friend of Banksy...and he makes super cool art! 

Like this, which By quite liked...

and these awesome paint cans which I fell in love with, I think I could have a go at doing one myself maybe!!

Plus everyone loves Snoopy!

and Bob Marley! His dreads were made from vinyl records - so clever!

This was my fave from the whole day - what a cheeky monkey! plus I kind of love what he's spraying. I think I'd like this picture on my wall! Following your dreams is what I'm all about - Did I mention we leave for Vancouver in the morning?! hehe, we're crazy excited!

and By's favourite was this rather old skool guy busting out some moves on his skateboard! 

Of course no weekend of fun is complete without delicious cupcakes so that's where Bea's of Bloomsbury steps in! Their passion fruit frosting is just my fave! 

and By had an amazing chocolate and peanut butter combo! 

It was quite the London adventure, I could spend every day of my life in that city and never get bored! 

Next time I blog, I'll be telling you all about Vancouver no doubt! woooooo! 

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  1. That VW milkshake van is co cool - I would defo go for the chocolate brownie too as it sounds delish! Lots of indulgence for your last weekend in London and my top looks good on you! xx