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Sloquet Hot Springs...and a Surprise!

The weekend before my birthday back in June we had planned a trip to these hot springs I had heard about.  We'd been talking about it for a while but we knew it was going to be a bit tricky to organise.  The hot springs are at the end of a logging road (dirt road) that's about 3 hours beyond Whistler, we knew none of the usual hire cars we rented would make it there and were told you have to have a 4x4 to drive there.  Luckily, my lovely colleague came to the rescue again and offered us his 'truck' for the weekend...and we were all set to go! 

However, on the thursday night I got really sick! I was off work on Friday and just being sick and feeling awful all day.  I assumed it was some kind of food poisoning or 24 hour bug thing.  I knew Saturday morning was fast approaching and I wasn't about to put off our trip! We only had 3 weekends left in Vancouver and had plans for every other weekend so it was now or never! I assumed I'd be fine in the morning, but still felt awful but told By I could either be sick at home or I could be sick at the hot springs so I just got on with it! 

We stopped at Whistler village on the way, we had planned to do some touristy shopping and pick up some t-shirts and things as we knew it would be the last time we'd be visiting.  However, I had to tell Byron to leave me on a bench sprawled out whilst he went off to stop, because I just felt too terrible! He even got ice cream from Cow's - which is like world famous ice cream and I had to pass on it, it was so sad!!

It was an amazing drive to the hot springs! Well, from the 10 minutes I saw of it in between waking from napping! By had made me a bed in the back of the car and so I just slept the whole way! Going on an incredibly bumpy road when you're already not well is not the smartest of ideas! 

This was our trusty truck that helped us make the trip! You have never seen a dustier car when we got back to Vancouver, it was insane! 

This cool church was in the middle of a random reservation in the middle of the forest! Gotta love B.C and all it's secludedness! 

Finally after what felt like forever, in my unwell state, we arrived at the hot springs! We were going off some dodgy directions I'd found online via someone else who'd been there before...GPS didn't work and so we were glad we hadn't got lost! 

We headed straight for the hot springs! and I decided they must have had healing magic powers because for that evening I wasn't sick once! 

There were about 9 individual pools of water, and each one increased in temperature! 

The one closest to the river was the coolest, and the one I was sitting in first was one of the hottest.  I didn't stay in that one for long and I couldn't even make it into the top one which was the hottest, it burnt my toe even as I dipped it in! 

This was our fave pool! The second in from the river, it was snug and small enough to just have room for the two of us and it's temperature was toasty warm! We could also take a dip in the f-r-reezing cold river if we got too hot! 

These were some of the top pools that I didn't dare try! 

and there behind By you can see the water running down straight from the source! 

This waterfall was probably the hottest water I've ever touched! 

It was so peaceful and relaxing, and such a cool experience to be there! 

It was about a 5 minute uphill climb back to our little campsite, but I didn't mind it too much as I felt rejuvenated after being in the water! 

Here's a close up of the river, the water was sooo clear! 

We set up our little tent, and got a fire going for dinner! 

Later that night we headed back to the hot springs after dark.  This time I had left the camera behind at the tent which I sorely regretted because when we got there little tea lights had been lit all the way around the outside of the pools and it was completely magical! There were even floating pieces of wood in the middle of each pool that had more tealights on, it was the perfect ending to day which turned out better than expected for the sickie! 

The next morning, after another quick dip we started the drive back to Vancouver.  I was feeling slightly better than before and was able to enjoy more of the scenery on the drive this time! 

We stopped off at Alta Lake, just beyond Whistler because it's somewhere I had always wanted to check out! Would you look at that scenery! 

It was amazing! The sun was out in full force...

and By worked on topping up his tan! 

We watched people going out on their boats, and even their kayaks and we watched some people jumping into the lake from the swimming docks.  Sadly, I wasn't feeling up to it myself so we just watched from the side! 

How can you ever tire of that view! 

I loved all the lily pads too! and the snow capped mountains in the distance! Crazy that it was mid June and 25 degree plus weather yet there was still snow up there! 

Another stop off I had always wanted to do was Brandywine Falls.  You all know how much I love a good waterfall and I was determined to check out as many as possible before we left B.C! 

We had to cross this railway track to get to the falls, doesn't that look good enough to be a postcard?! 

Brandywine Falls did certainly not disappoint! and even though I was being sick again, I was glad we'd stopped off! 

Check out how ferocious that water is! 

I fell in love with it even more than Shannon Falls! and wished we had known it was so awesome sooner..all those times we drove past it on the way to Whistler! I would have loved to have seen it snow covered in winter! 

The view across the Cheakamus valley was incredible! 

Soaking up the last few rays of sun of the day, we stopped off at Porteau Cove, another provincial park! 

It's just a little scenic viewpoint and an area where boats launch, but it was beautiful to check it out.  
Despite being so unwell, we had an incredible weekend and got to see so much beauty! 

The surprise part came 2 days later when I was still being sick and By half joked that I might be pregnant! So we bought a test and those 2 little pink lines said I was! It didn't even cross my mind that I could have been, I thought morning sickness was just the morning! but no mine lasted all day long for 5 days! Fortunately when we went to the Dr to get everything confirmed he gave me some anti nausea pills so I could get on with the day to day without feeling so awful! The picture above was us just after we found out the super happy news! 

So ever since we've been busy thinking of names to call our little Canadian baby...Sloquet? Whistler? Columbia? Yeah..I'm not a fan of any of those either! 

Just 2 more Vancouver posts to blog about and then I can crack on with our US road trip pics! 

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  1. Welcome to BC and congrats on the pregnancy. I hope all goes well.