Monday, 27 January 2014

The Sights and Delights of San Fran

Oh San Fran, if only we had longer to take you all in! We had only scheduled in one day in the foggy city so we woke up early and packed in as much as we could! We headed down to the waterfront...

By was loving this contraption made from skateboards!

There was a pretty good view out to Alcatraz...

and down at Fisherman's Wharf it was blue skies all the way!

I was loving how well I remembered my way around the city...despite it being 9 years since I was here last! We headed to Ghiradelli Square...

to check out this cute little cupcakery, Kara's Cupcakes.

S'mores and key lime pie! Two of my fave ever flavours!

Since it was still a little too early for cupcake indulging, even for me, we got our cakes to go!

and headed over to Ghiradelli! We bought some of their amazing bars of toasted coconut chocolate...

and watched these huge vats churning out chocolate in action!

No visit to San Fran is complete without spotting the cable cars!

Pier 39 was buzzing...but unfortunately the sea lions were nowhere in sight! They had left their little wooden platforms empty!

You can't get more California than some palm trees and pure blue skies!

We headed over to the Ferry building because I'd heard such good things about it!

It was a haven for foodies with delightful delicacies everywhere you turned! Really the problem with San Fran is it just has too much delicious food that it was impossible to consume it all within 24 hours!!

I had to stop at Miette, everything looked so beautiful!

and we picked up some french macarons for the road!

We stopped for a spot of lunch at this cute diner called Gott's Roadside...

because when somewhere has mint Oreo milkshakes on the menu it would be rude not too!

I balanced out my calorific day by having crudites as a side rather than fries!

By went all out with a malted choc shake and garlic fries with his burger.

After we got to ride on this super cute vintage cable car back to where we had parked our car...apparently it was from Liverpool or something hence why there was a British Flag flying on the back of it!

San Fran has some really beautiful old buildings...and also cool street names so I had to snap the one below!

We headed to Union Square to see my favourite hearts! We saw all 3 of the other ones first and I was determined to find the one with the Golden Gate Bridge on...hoping it would still be there 9 years after Mel and I first posed with it so I was super happy when we stumbled upon it!

I fell in love with this patriotic KitchenAid in Macy's!!

and then we headed to the enormous Converse store! I loved their display in the middle of the shop!

and their slogan behind the till! This is also where we bought baby Braithwaite's first little pair!

I had heard there were some amazing views to be had up at Buena Vista we went in search of them and certainly weren't disappointed! San Fran has an awesome skyline.

To reward ourselves for reaching the top, we chowed down on our Kara's cupcakes we had bought that morning!

Our hosts we were staying with recommended a trip to Anthony's Cookies too in the Mission...

It was the cutest little shop selling solely cookies, and decorated with jars of milk all around the shop - I don't know why I didn't take a pic!

We got some delicious cookies - their Oreo flavour was my fave! 
That evening we had planned to head to the legendary Bi-rite Creamy and check out an awesome Mexican restaurant in the Mission, but after some last minute web browsing we saw there were still tickets going for the baseball game that night!

We simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something so American! so we got our tickets and headed down to the ball game! 

I thought I was incredibly cool with my giant foam finger!! ready to support the Giants against the New York Mets!

Of course...being preggo I couldn't go for the obligatory hot dog! so I ventured for something slightly more healthy instead sadly!

and then the game started! I didn't really understand 100% of what was going on since I don't know the rules of baseball, but when people wearing orange cheered I joined in! and I was loving all the little chants and things going on...just like you see on T.V!

Sadly the Giants lost the game, but it was still an exciting game to see! and since it was my first ever baseball game it will always be a memorable one!

San were amazing!

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  1. so fun to see this! soooo wish i was there to be your tour guide :) next time...