Thursday, 6 March 2014

Last day in Van City...

So we flew back to Vancouver from San Diego and stayed over at our friends place in the very cool area of Kitsilano.  We awoke the next day with the sad realisation that it was our last day in Vancouver and we wanted to make it as good as possible! Luckily, it was an amazingly sunny blue sky day!

We started it off right with brunch at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe...

By had this giant omlette...

and I had the biggest portion of french toast you've ever seen!! It was super delish!

We decided to hop a bus to head to UBC for one last time to get our final Menchie's fix!

I can't believe I've never mentioned this place before! It's our fave fro-yo place, they have crazy flavours like root beer, bubblegum, s'mores, peanut butter and then once you've served yourself the fro-yo, you get to fill up your tub with any of these toppings...

marshmallows, graham crackers, pb cups, jelly beans, pretzels, oreos...

and there's a whole heap of yummy fruit choices too!

We happened to be there on waffle Wednesday which meant you could get a free waffle bowl! They press them fresh in the store.

Of course we never end up getting fruit because who can pass up brownie chunks and reese's pieces...

or honeycomb, toasted coconut, oreos and peanut butter cups!!  


We headed back to Kitsilano, because of course I HAD to have one last Lucky's Doughnut before we left! They make the best doughnuts I have ever eaten! They had some kind of amazing mango, raspberry summer special the day we popped in so I devoured it! We also headed to this burger place to get a Thomas Kemper Root Beer that my friend Cassie had recommended because I had never tried it before, and I wanted another bottle to add to my collection! I let my lips linger a little longer on that bottle knowing that once we got back to England we would be root beer less once again!

and then we spent the rest of our afternoon chilling at Kitsilano beach! because who wouldn't want to hang out at the beach with the mountains and the Van city skyline in the background! Byron and I lay against the massive logs they have placed along the beach and turned to ourselves and said 'why are we leaving all this behind again?!'

We had a slightly stressful trip to the airport, because our taxi we had booked at 8am that morning never showed up! but we still made it with enough time fortunately...

and decided we needed to have one last Wendy's for the road, and so of course I had no choice but to order a side of Poutine.  Oh Poutine, how we will miss you so!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful view as you've sat at an airport before? I thought it was actually quite cruel! that we had to sit facing this amazing view of what we were leaving behind as we sat waiting at our gate! 

Seriously though, as if you couldn't already tell from following along with our adventures on this blog our year in Vancouver was more amazing and magical than I ever anticipated it could be! and believe me there was alot of anticipation! We had known since the open day we attended at Bangor university that a year abroad in Vancouver was a possibility for By's course he was studying and so I had spent more than 2 years hoping and dreaming that we might get the opportunity (despite being told at the open day that only the top 2 students on the course got sent to Vancouver and so By telling me to forget it because that wasn't going to be him!) So 2 years googling and researching every awesome thing about Vancouver and then getting there and it surpassing all my expectations was a pretty big deal! 

There was just so much to love! Beaches, mountains, ocean, forests, skiing/snowboarding adventures, buying root beer every time we went to the supermarket! having amazing baking supplies at my fingertips and being able to indulge in all my favourite flavour Oreos that we don't get in England like mint, or peanut butter, or even coconut flavour!! Road trips across the border to make all my chocolate fantasies at Target come true! Our awesome ward that we attended, we sometimes used to have 100 women alone in Relief Society! and all the amazing friends that we had countless adventures and games night and meals out with - we will never forget them!

So I'm just going to finish up all about our Canadian adventure by posting ten of our favourite places we visited whilst we were there! (Believe me it was hard narrowing it down to ten!)

1. Whistler (Could it have been anywhere else?!)


2. Deep Cove

3. Indian Arm

 4. Whytecliff Park


5. Cherry Blossom Lined Streets of Van City!

6. Garibaldi Provincial Park

7. Steveston

8. Cypress Provincial Park Viewpoint

9. Sunshine Coast


10. Amazing Sunsets over Vancouver's Beaches

 Okay, I had to sneak an 11 in because my list couldn't not feature a Waterfall!

11. Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

Until next time Vancouver...

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