Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A 5 Month Old Update!


Wow 5 months...who knew you were going to bring so much?! I was already overwhelmed at all the new things 4 months brought but this month has definitely brought about some big milestones!

 Ella is still in snuggling phase, and cuddling everything in sight!

Her feet are also her newest obsession! She started grabbing them at the beginning of the month, then progressed onto putting them into her mouth, and now she's at her happiest when she has both feet in both hands!!

 She's not sitting up yet...as you can see from this picture below, we thought that the faceplants during these monthly photoshoots would decrease as she got older...when in fact they are getting more spectacular!

Her favourite trick is stomach crunching! She does it anytime you lay her down! Under her play mat, on the change mat, in her cot! We joke that she's going to get a baby 6-pack pretty soon from all that working out she's doing!

Here she is in action!

Here's a little pic of her raising her head up and straightening out her legs, getting into position! Even the health visitor who weighed her last week was laughing about it and saying she thinks we have a future acrobat on our hands!

She is also not rolling over just yet, but she is doing 'half' rolls and not getting all the way round! and this video showcases a foot in mouth in action too!

I forgot to write in last months post that she is loving books! Last month and at the start of this month she was loving looking at each page, and sometimes touching and grabbing the furry/textured parts of the books - her favourites are the 'That's not my' series...they have fun things to touch on every page!

 However in the past week or so, the teething has really kicked up a gear or two and so books are now just another thing to try and get into her mouth! She especially loves feasting down on that cloth hungry caterpillar book above!!

 I love that she loves books! The local library is running a little scheme over the summer where if you make 3 visits to the library to check books out you get little stickers on a card that can then be exchanged for a certificate!

We've been busy driving across half of South Lanarkshire to lots of different libraries trying to get every book in the 'That's not my' collection! and in the process we're racking up those little stickers! Ella earned her first certificate last week, I was very proud! and she should be getting another tomorrow! There's 10 different certificates to get...so the race is on before we leave to see if we can collect them all!

Just this week she moved over to the sit up part of her pram.  She was starting to stomach crunch to try and peek out of her lying down carrycot part so we knew it was time to make the switch! She is such an inquisitive baby and loves to see what is going on around her so of course she's loving her new set of wheels!


 She is still a big fan of bath time!

and her last few minutes of bath time she gets flipped over onto her belly by Daddy for a spot of tummy time! She loves it, and even splashing herself in the face is apparently fun to her!

 As a big water baby, she is still loving her swimming class too, especially with her jazzy watermelon swimming costume! She used to get dunked by the leader of the class, but for the last 2 lessons Mommy has done the dunking! She's definitely used to it now though and doesn't even shed a tear! Although she still looks surprised when you bring her back up to the surface!!

Along with bookbug, a little singing time that we go to at the local libraries, baby sensory is still her most favourite class of the week!

In the early days of baby sensory, I tried her out in the ball pool and she cried her eyes out! but now she's a fan, and likes to chill in the balls during break time! 

She loves watching the bubbles and reaching out for the coloured ribbons, alongside her little buddy Jackson!

She got weighed last week and is now 13 lbs 7 ozs which is still pretty small for
her age, but check out those chunky thighs - she is filling out for sure!! I love the way she braces them!

Her little feet still can't reach the floor just yet, but we've been putting a cushion underneath her so that she can do more than just swing around in her door bouncer! This was her first time discovering how to bounce! I love her dainty little jumps on her tippy toes! So cute!

Her new found hobbies this month were....


 watching wimbledon! She was engrossed!

 helping Daddy control the laptop!

and shoulder walks through the trees with Daddy!

 celebrating Canada day...


 and then Independence day a few days later! My mom says she's going to be one mixed up baby with all these different nationalities going around!

and she's also following in our footsteps by becoming a bagel lover! Well...she thought the packaging tasted pretty good!

We're not going to start weaning her officially until she's 6 months, but after a particularly delicious roast dinner on Sunday we decided to try out a few spoonfuls of homemade apple sauce!
Here's how it went down...

I love that last face!!

To be honest, there's not really much she hasn't been loving this month! She is SUCH a happy baby, everywhere we go people comment on it! even earlier when she had a particularly bad teething moment, and was crying her little eyes out, we took a drive to the library and next minute she was charming the librarian and beaming her biggest smiles!! She can't help but be happy...teething and all!

So really I guess the only things she hasn't been loving are teething...and she's still not a fan of you pulling her arms through her sleeves when you get her dressed/undressed!

Those two things aside, she just fills our days with so much happiness! We love to watch her learn new skills and love to see her sweet happy personality shine through.  Ella Bella, we just can't imagine life without you!

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  1. Aww so much cuteness! Cuteness overload this month! Five months is a great age but then each month just gets better and better! Xxx