Monday, 11 August 2014

A 6 Month Old Update - Half a Year Already!!


Ella Bella turned 6 months old on Friday!! I can't believe my ears (in fact I feel like I need to rip them off Ted Danson style in 3 Men and a Little Lady!!)

How did my teeny tiny baby go from this...

   to this in a blink of an eye?

I have been looking forward to 6 months for SOO long...

thinking of all the fun things we could do...and that you were going to be able to start eating which Mommy was very excited about! and have been gazing longingly at every mouthful of food we have eaten for weeks now! 

but now it's here I want to put the brakes on! I am painfully aware that after 6 months the months will whizz by faster than ever before and suddenly a whole year will have gone by and I can't handle that fact right now!!

So let's be happy in our ignorance and pretend you're going to stay 6 months forever because oh, it's such a fun age!

Look at those long legs - where did they spring from?! You were still in 0-3 months clothes a week or two ago and now all of a sudden 6-9 month leggings are looking a bit short!

Everything is fun to you...and you are just amazed at everything around you! You are so aware and so intrigued by the things you see - and you just love to grab things! She only really started grasping things properly at the start of the month and it's amazing how quickly her hand eye co-ordination is picking up!  The face above is her anticipating bubbles face...she does love her bubbles!

 and she concentrates very hard on where they all disappear too! She also likes it if I catch them back on the wand and bring them over to her so she can pop them! and she likes to try and chew on the wand too...but then there's nothing she doesn't try and chew on these days!

 I got that cute little bunny playnest, free, off of a local baby group and it's been amazing! In sitting up position, it helps support her and encourages her to sit by herself...which she can do for about 10-15 seconds on her own before she we're not quite there independently yet, but we're on the way! You can also convert it to a full ring that she can sit in and play with her toys in!

 Her stacking cups are definitely her toy of the moment! There is no end to the number of times you can stack them up for her and she will knock them down! It never loses its excitement to Ella!

 She started off at the beginning of the month just knocking them down with her feet, but now she can rather forcefully give them a good whack with her hands!

So onto the firsts for this month...there were several, just not the sitting up or rolling over like we thought may occur! Although on Thursday we did get a roll over in the bath! just still working on the solid ground roll!

She went on her first swing! and although she was a little unsteady and was probably still a bit small for it, she loved it all the same! as evidenced by that gorgeous smile...

and this cute video!

She went to a mini zoo at Calderglen Country Park...

and also experienced some of the first summer sunshine Scotland had to offer!


She went to the cinema for the first time! it was a special baby screening...and it was a nice snazzy cinema with sofas in on Ashton Lane - my fave little place in Glasgow!

and she had a great time with her little pal Hamish!

 She attended her first ever sporting events! and with that came her first train ride, which she seemed to enjoy! 

So she spent one night at the Diamond league athletics - she even managed to nap through the starting gun for the races, the fireworks and the flames when people won and all the cheering...but woke up when someone beside us sneezed!

She also attended some commonwealth games events like the hockey, helping Mommy and Daddy cheer on South Africa when they played NZ...can you tell she was loving being up past her bed time?!

and she loved the gymnastics! There was so much for her to look at!

I think she thought all the cheering was for her!

She ate at her first Mexican restaurant...and it certainly won't be the last with a Mommy like me!

She went to her first birthday party for her cousin Ellis! 


It was a pirate fest...and are these not the cutest little pirates around?

She went down her first slide! with the help of Uncle Arne guiding her down! Look at her little excited face!

of course daredevil Ellis just dove down it head first without a care in the world!

 and she went to her first wedding of my uni friend Lucy! and had a ball! 

She loved all the attention from my friends!

and got thoroughly spoilt! with an amazing goodie bag of toys and bubbles which kept her entertained through the whole of the reception!

 and even her highchair got it's own fancy bow! Her first time in a highchair too!


 In the past week or two, she has got seriously into labels! She searches for the label on every toy she plays with! or even in her pram - I'm thinking of just cutting out loads of labels and sewing them together and letting her go to town on them!

 and when she's not trying to eat labels, she's trying to eat her feet! Nothing makes her happier!

A few days before we left Scotland she started doing this little shaking from side to side thing...we call it her jig! She now does it on demand and her granny and grandad and aunties think it's the best thing ever, they clap and cheer for her and so she does it over and over!

and on to the weaning!!

 Look at this excited face! If she could talk I'm sure she would have told me that she'd been longing to try some food!

She seemed pretty happy with her bib!

and she even insisted on helping grab the spoon and steer it to her mouth!

I gave her the spoon to see what she would do with it and she had the right idea about putting it to her face, just not which way up it was meant to go!

 Check out that banana face! She was loving it, some spoonfuls more than others as this video shows...

Every day with you just gets better and better, Ella! You complete our family with your happy little excitable personality!

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  1. What an action packed month from this little cutie!