Monday, 6 October 2014

Milkshaking It Up Down South!

 We road tripped down south over the August bank holiday, and begun our weekend of fun in Ikea - because isn't that where all good family outings should begin!? At least they always did in my family growing up!

Ella was thrilled about this! because she had just started being big enough to sit in a 'big girls' trolley as I like to call them! so she was in her element kicking away, holding on tight and surveying the world from her new height!

 We, of course, got meatballs for dinner because no Ikea trip is ever complete without meatballs! Ella tried some peas to join in this family tradition! and she enjoyed her free baby food pouch - thanks Ikea!

 One of the main reasons for our trip down south was to meet up with my school friends and introduce them to Ella, who they had all been very keen to meet! So of course we headed to The Waffle House in St.Albans because it's a place we loved to all go growing up and because I was in desperate need of a thick milkshake!

 The girls! and our milkshakes!

Naomi and Jade getting their fix of baby cuddles! and Ella loving on her little duck from Jo and Amy, who couldn't make it.

 Yes, that's what dreams are made of! their milkshakes are amazing! fresh strawberries and TONS of ice cream make this the real deal!

 It got Lilia's seal of approval - there she is ready to go in with her spoon, I like her thinking!

 and are her converse not the cutest little things ever?!

The baby end of the table!

and here's Ella tackling her first taste of waffle - I think she approved!

It was so lovely to get to see these girls, and get to see them loving and adoring Ella! 

We headed to Verulanium Park after to feed the ducks...because again it's just what you do after Waffle House fun!

 Lilia was a pro! and Ella watched from a distance!

I'm so happy these guys finally got to meet!

 Lilia was certainly not short on people wanting to play with her!

Is she not just the yummiest little thing? The last time I saw Lilia she was probably similar to Ella's age so it was lovely to see her turning into a little person now! Walking and talking...


 and teaching! We headed back to Laur's and she was more than happy to not only share her baby grand piano with Ella, but also to teach her how to use it!


Is that not the cutest? She is going to make one brilliant big sister when her new baby sister arrives! 

We were staying with By's brothers in Bedford, which meant Ella was able to get up close and personal with the family cat - Maui! who she loved! you can probably see from Maui's face, the love wasn't reciprocal! probably due to her pulling on his fur! but she didn't seem to notice that he kept running away from her!

 Another thing Ella loved about Granny's house was these silver bed-knobs, she had hours of fun looking into them and seeing herself!

and aren't Uncles so fun! Uncle Jarryd showed off his baby skills as he kept Ella thoroughly entertained by building her towers on Sunday afternoon!

Getting re-acquainted with Grandad - "oh yeah, I think I remember you'!"

and some Sunday afternoon park fun!

On the Monday we headed to London to see Auntie Mara, and for Ella's first trip to the big smoke, and so her first trip on the underground!

She wasn't quite as excited about the whole thing! and she slept through!

Look at that cute little sleeping face! It poured with rain, but that didn't dampen our spirits...because we were heading here - Meat & Shake!

 Since it was our anniversary we wanted to eat somewhere special.  For some people special might equal fancy food, and candles and big bills...for me special equals the thickest milkshakes you can find!

These did not disappoint! because how can a whole litre of milkshake ever not be a great thing?! plus with flavours like peanut butter, banana & brownie you can't go wrong!

Ella was loving her Auntie Mara cuddles!

 We went for the wing roulette, and the funniest part was when I thought I had the crazy spicy one and so started crying and downing my shake...when actually we discovered afterwards Byron had it! What can I say, I don't do well with spice!

 You might even be able to see in this pic how By's lips look a little fuller because it was that spicy that they were a little bit swollen!


The burgers were pretty tasty, not the best we've had in London...but I'm not going to lie it was worth the trip just for the milkshakes!

Sweet potato and rosemary fries were the perfect accompaniment to our Ella's little photo bomb in the corner - clearly she didn't approve!

 She was happier to stick with pureed broccoli!

 Happy 7 years to us! Hope they continue to bring milkshake, burger and cupcake filled days of fun...these days with our own little cupcake in tow!

We ended the day by feasting on these sweet treats from Bea's of Bloomsbury - peanut butter and jelly slice, a key lime pie cupcake and a coconut and pecan brownie, because no London trip is complete without amazing baked goods!

What a tiring, but awesomely fun, trip!

We can't wait to do it again London - it had been too long!!

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