Tuesday, 18 November 2014

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

We took Ella on her first official zoo trip a while back! It's funny because I'm not really an animal loving person, much to the dismay of Byron! in fact I remember spending most of the day sulking when my 15 year old self had to go to London Zoo with my friends for the day!! but it's amazing how much more fun a zoo can seem when there's a baby involved! and when that baby loves animals as much as Ella seems to!

The zoo we went to was the Welsh Mountain Zoo, just 20 minutes down the road from where we live,  and as you can imagine from the name it's halfway up a mountain/hill and so as well as checking out the animals, there are pretty good sea views too! 

We started off the day with the sea lion show! They were doing all kinds of crazy tricks...but what's that Ella?

Oh yes you can see some jackdaws and seagulls overhead and so you're far more interested in them! We have a serious twitcher on our hands! 

Apparently small birds are more her thing because she wasn't too bothered by these ostrich!

but she did love the penguins!

These chimpanzees were pretty scary with their boisterous antics!

One of my favourites of the day had to be this little red panda!

It was so cute! I could have easily taken it home for a pet!

The limas had crazy long tails!

and they weren't afraid to get up close and personal!

Ella loved watching them in action!

Tiger, tiger...this guy didn't look too happy about being confined.

This is Ella's pure concentration face as she watched some more birds!

She has discovered daddy's hair makes pretty good reins for when she takes a ride up on his shoulders!

This monkey was pulling out all the stops and gave us a right show!

Ella was trying to stroke this monkey through the glass!

and these little guys were hilarious! check out their moustache's!

Plus these little ones looked like Grandad Monkey's!

Random camels we passed!

before we headed back to some more bird watching! because they are apparently much more exciting than camels or tigers!

Ella and Daddy getting ready for the bird show! The excitement is building!!

Just before it began, Byron seized the opportunity of chasing some seagulls out the way! and Ella was just loving it!

I really think she thought she was going to catch that gull! Her little face was hilarious!

Then the bird show began!

The macaws were let loose out of their cage and flew all around the zoo before returning - they were very obedient indeed! and awesome to watch the colours of their wings against the green/grey backdrop!

Ella's concentration face!!

and then she heard the penguin parade was on their way!

She loved watching them waddle by! 

This chirpy guy leading the pack! 

It was a perfect Friday afternoon spent as our little family of 3, and if Ella's enjoyment levels were anything to go by I foresee many more animal orientated day trips in our future!!

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