Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ella loves Elephants!

So one of the things I've wanted to do most since Ella was born is give her a lovely little room of her own! When we lived in Scotland she was just in a cot in our room because she was so little and then we moved to my parents for 6 weeks so when we landed in Wales I wanted to make a special space for her!

When you're in rented accommodation, it's difficult to sometimes personalise things the way you want so the bunting on the door was a good start! It was bought from a lovely gift shop in our favourite little village of Ironbridge thanks to Granny Jones.

Ella was gifted a lot of elephant things when she was born and we thought Ella sounds similar to elephant so it was a good place to start with a theme for the room! plus I always knew it had to revolve around animals, since she loves them so much!

This was the handprint she did at Chester Zoo on her birthday day of fun that got turned into an elephant! I kind of love it!  Thanks to her Great Granny Jones for helping us have the funds to get it done! and the special number 1 that her Grandad painted for her dessert table on her birthday!

This amazing frame was gifted to me at Christmas by my lovely thoughtful friend Laur - it has a printed spot at the bottom saying Ella's name and the date she was born and 12 perfect little spots that we filled with her monthly photos we took.  This will definitely get hung on a wall at some point when we're allowed to put nails in walls wherever we end up!

My most recent addition was this gorgeous gorgeous elephant mint coloured lamp that I fell in love with, and Granny Jones helped us make it happen! Ella loves it - and still points at it everytime we walk in the room.  This super cute personalised elephant photo frame was from Auntie Mara and it holds a pic of Ella in her special dress from her blessing day.

I am also a little bit in love with this elephant laundry basket! We already had a plain one for her...but when I spotted this one in T.K Maxx I knew it belonged in her room! 

The heart bunting is from Granny Jones and the lovely blanket on the bed is her special homemade blanket from Granny Kathy of all my favourite onesies of hers from when she was born.  

This snow globe was a special gift to Ella from Granny Kathy when she was still a bump in my tummy, and Uncle Cam gave us this gift for Ella - again before she was born, and I've filled it with super cute pictures of her from every month - isn't it so adorable!

This is our little nappy changing station and a super cute elephant gro-bag from Auntie Mara!

Auntie Mara also came up trumps with these little elephant characters, that we've placed above her cot.  Ella loves to point at them and make her little elephant noises! and those amazing name letters are from Granny Kathy all the way from Tanzania! Specially painted and handcrafted by some local artists.  I love all the different animals on each letter! 

Auntie Mara also gifted me at Christmas with this gorgeous blanket I'd been eyeing up for a while on etsy! It's handmade and has super soft furry material on one side and this gorgeous animal print on the other! The little cuddly elephant was a gift from her when Ella was newborn, and of course Monkey needs no introduction - he's well known around these parts!

Uncle Ja bought this teddy bear for Ella for Christmas and she thinks it's very funny to make it drink some of her bottle of milk before bed! She did it one night randomly in the middle of us saying prayers and we had to try not to giggle as we saw her doing it! and that cute little cushion with the e on is from the Ides - Ellis even has a matching one.  Those E's have got to stick together!

and this gorgeous lampshade is also from our day of fun at Chester Zoo - Granny Kathy bought it for Ella's room and she is still as mesmerised with it now as she was on the day we bought it! I think it is one of my favourite elephant items in the room! 

Since we don't have any wardrobe space in her room, her under drawer cot has come in very handy to store all of her clothes! Grandad Kevin got us this cot and it has been amazing! 

Just writing this post has made me realise how much love has gone into her room! Nearly everything that's inside of it has been gifted to her by special people in her life, and she's one lucky girl to have so many people spoiling her! 

I wanted to make a record of this so she would always have some photos of her first little bedroom - where she started out in.  As I said I can't wait til we are more settled one day and can really paint walls and do all the fun stuff you dream of doing for your babies rooms! but for now, I'm more than happy with this cute little animal loving haven we've created for her :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

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