Saturday, 23 May 2015

Farm park Fun!

This is a little out of order but some time before Easter when we had one of the first blue sky days of the year we headed to Anglesey to check out Foel Farm Park.  Despite the sky being blue, it was still freezing cold! with a biting wind so Ella was dressed to suit.  She loved being able to see the bunnies! look at her happy little face! 

and was even brave enough for a stroke! 

She also got stuck right in there with the goats - this baby has no fear! 

There were lots of cute baby lambs!

and Ella even got involved in helping to bottle feed a little calf! She was so proud of herself! 

Sharing a joke with the sheep...

and chilling with the pigs.

This was back when she had just started to decide walking everywhere was going to be more fun than crawling! 

They had this amazing giant jumping cushion! 

I think Daddy was secretly having more fun than Ella!

who was more interested in chasing the chickens! 

Her chicken noise she makes is the cutest! 

Smiles all round, because there's nowhere Ella would rather be than surrounded by animals!

and as if her day couldn't get any better...a cat suddenly appeared! 

We went on a trailer ride pulled by the tractor...

isn't it ironic I had to see my first ever Highland cow in Wales?!

Hopefully we can see the real deal in Scotland soon! 

What a furry guy! 

When the warmer weather came in, we ventured to Bodafon Farm Park to check that out and I was really impressed.  Firstly, because it's free! yay!

Secondly, as well as having tons of cute animals to look at they have fun little tractors for the kids to ride which Ella LOVED.  They have about 10 in total in a little courtyard area, you better believe she rode every one! haha! and they also have a mini play park area with swings and slides and little tykes rocker things and Ella would have stayed there all day - along with the random pony who looked like he did have to stay there all day! shame! 

These little piglets were the cutest! 

They have a ton of different owls to see...

and how much more sound of music can this little goat look?!

There were also deers, llamas, sheep, cows and ducks too!

Oh and thirdly they have a really great cafe...that apparently does amazing stone baked pizzas and evening bbq's too, on this occasion we just indulged in cake which was good enough for Ella! look at the delight on her face! not only that it was only 75p - I thought I had misheard the lady serving me - how crazy is that! 

Fourthly...there are about 3 or 4 farm dogs that just roam free around the park, Ella got the chance to have plenty of licks in the face from one of the little dogs and so naturally this was her highlight of the day - even better than the chocolate cake!! 

We went back again last week to give daddy some quiet time to study at home!

 and look how much bigger the piggies had got! 

This is Ella's 'pure joy' face! 

I wish you could have heard her 'baa-ing' away to the sheep! 

Another Highland cow! who knew! 

and some Llama's....who will never cease to remind me of Napoleon Dynamite! 

This is truly a farm park with a view! the sea to one side and the hills to the other! 

The tractors still hadn't lost their charm, and yes...we rode every one!!

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