Friday, 12 June 2015

A Fun Filled Foodie Weekend for Mara's Bday!

When the Jones family get together you can guarantee there is always going to be lots of food involved, it's just how we roll! Mara's pre-birthday celebration was no different! Her actual birthday is this weekend but since she's getting off to Copenhagen (lucky her!) we celebrated last weekend in Shropshire instead.

We headed to Shropshire for the day because Mara had picked Tropeiro as her restaurant of choice for her birthday meal - we went a few years back for By's birthday and loved it then! and have been wanting to go back ever since! because what's not to love about an endless supply of delicious meat! 

It was green cards all round so that when the meat man came round he knew to pile it on our plate - por favor! 

Ella really got the hang of things and was joining in the scoffing! 

The resident veggie holding up her 'no thanks' red card and sticking with a plate of salads instead!

Ella was like 'all that meat for me?!'

She got stuck in with her tongs!

After a spot of shopping we headed to the Ice Cream Farm, another family fave! because despite a never ending feast of meat…there's always room for dessert! 

Ella rode a cow before we headed in - check her sticking up hair in the back! it just didn't want to go down that day! too cute! 

and she continued her tractor tour of Shropshire/Cheshire! I think this is her 7th one!

Swinging fun with Auntie Mara and Granny! but be prepared if you do it with her once she'll want it again and again! 

Checking out the chickens!

and finally settling on some tasty flavours inside!

Ella was perfectly situated between Daddy and Auntie Mara so she would point to Auntie Mara and get a little spoonful of her ice cream and then point to Daddy and get a big lick of his cone, and then repeat, repeat, repeat! After a while she decided she preferred Auntie Mara's flavour and just pestered her continually with 'more, more, more' she is quite the little ice cream fiend these days!

Once back at home, Mom crafted this bunting and we got all her presents ready...

By improvised without a blindfold and used his jumper to guide her up the stairs so she didn't know what was coming! 

and then I produced the cake I'd 'secretly' been making in the kitchen - nothing is ever too secret in our open plan house though! and we sung happy birthday and laughed as she attempted to blow out the candle - there was no blowing out that beast though! 

Smiles all round…but really we were desperately waiting for a piece of the cake! 

a banana special (Mara's a big banana fan) with chocolate cream cheese frosting and flakes and mini gummy bananas plus banana chocolate bark on top! because you can't have a birthday without an over the top cake - it's a must!

It was the best kind of weekend!

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