Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Graduation Getaway!

Byron graduated back in the middle of July.  It had been a long four years for him doing his forestry degree at Bangor, but what an exciting four years too! which had us living in a different country every year: Wales - Canada - Scotland - Wales, and which also saw our family of two grow to a family of three! 

During that time we both lived as students in 1st year as I completed my masters degree too, then in 2nd year I took on 2 jobs in Vancouver to support us while By studied, in 3rd year Byron supported us while I was on maternity leave with Ella and then in his final year neither of us were working! so there's been a lot of frugality and struggling along the way but I'm happy to say we've made it out of the other side and not only did he pass his degree...

but he passed it with flying colours, by getting a first! and not only did he get a first, but he also got a special award from the Royal Forestry Society for his dissertation! and he also accepted a graduate job at the biggest forestry company in the UK! 

and let me remind you that he did all of this whilst being married, with a new baby, amidst sleepless nights and early starts, sometimes alongside having a job, and responsibilities at church...

and so we pretty much think he is a superhero! and couldn't be prouder of just how completely awesome he has done!

The graduation day itself kicked off with a rocky start...after Ella had decided the previous night to have a little party in our wigwam hut for half the night!

I'm not sure whether it was waking up in a strange environment or what, but for whatever reason it was one of the worst nights she could have pulled that stunt! 

So after having only slept half the night, it's safe to say she was pretty grumpy and the fact that Byron's graduation ceremony co-incided with nap time was another nail in the coffin!!
Ella and I had to watch By accepting his certifcate from a secondary lecture theatre with a large screen (as you only get 2 tickets to the grand hall where the ceremony takes place and so his parents had those), and I wish I could say we clapped loudly and I wiped away tears as he walked across that stage but he was one of the last faculties to be called up so we'd sat through plenty of name calling already and truth be told at the moment his name was called I was trying to make sure the empty plastic cups Ella had found and was drinking out of didn't contain any alcohol and that I could hold one of her hands to ensure her from fleeing the building whilst trying to snap a picture of our awesome daddy with the other hand! Graduations with babies are not the most leisurely experience!!

I had plenty of time to reflect upon his awesomness at other points in the day...but not at that exact moment!

We left the theatre the second after his name was called to let Ella have the run around she so desperately needed! and she loved exploring the halls and the grounds!

I really don't have anything nice to say about Bangor uni because my experiences of studying there were awful, but they do have some pretty buildings I'll give them that!

So this little girl was seriously sleepy and in need of a nap...

I drove her around for a while so she could have a nice nap and unfortunately missed By accepting his award for his dissertation but I did get some peace and quiet from this crazy one while she slept, and managed to take in a nice view of the Menai Bridge while she did so!

and this was a picture of what I missed - By accepting his award! #momlife!

Eventually after a nice hour long nap, we headed for some well needed lunch - I hadn't eaten all day and we went to one of our fave spots - Dylan's...

because you can't beat that view on a sunny day!

and when in Anglesey it would be rude not to stop at Red Boat Ice Cream Parlour, Ella was naturally loving it and trying to steal as much of Granny's ice cream as possible!

She also went for a little dip in the paddling pool...with a view!

and Daddy was not too important on his special day to get down on some playpark rides, suit and all!!

By's Mom was kind enough to turn the graduation into a little mini getaway by treating us to staying over for 2 nights in these cute little wigwam hut things! 

The scenery was amazing, and we lucked out with the weather! 

Our Braai King was super happy to be getting some meat on the barbie!

Ella loved being a sheep herder, sheep are pretty much her fave thing ever...after dogs that is,

and seriously she herded those sheep through three different fields! It was impressive!

Love that knee bend! capturing her in motion!

and the glow of golden hour!

I wandered down the lane and caught the sunset through this gate...

and then this little hare popped right into my shot!

and I loved the sunlights glow through these hedges.  

Wales, you are really beautiful in the sunshine!

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