Monday, 16 July 2018

A 2 month old update!

2 months old already!!! (and this time I’m only posting this a week late so clearly my time management is improving!) and let's take a quick little flashback to what Ella looked like at 2 months old during her photoshoot!

Just so different! (apart from their matching mouths!) and I still laugh everytime I see what a little baldie she was! 
I have sooo many random people coming upto me when we're out and about to chat about Addi and most of the conversations start because of her mop of hair! 

I can hardly believe my baby is no longer a newborn!

  I feel like this month has been more challenging than the first, but it’s also brought lots of sweetness too!

This was the first time I caught her holding onto something! I was so excited at the time! Looking back at the pic, it's barely a grasp! but I did think it was super cute!

I also love all her little hand positions and poses she finds herself in! Hand in the air is a common one...

as is that little fist up to the side of her head! 

and both hands behind her head seems to be another preferred position - just loving life and chilling!

The hard parts have been Addison’s favourite pastime of crying all evening long! Ella was such a chilled and easy going baby - my dad always joked that next time we’d get a ‘normal one’!! So I fear that may have come true! Addi is certainly much more high maintenance! and it’s just hard when there’s nothing really you can do to calm her down so we just trade off the jigging and walking around during the fussy periods, fuelling ourselves with hot chocolates and slabs of Dairy Milk waiting for 10pm to come when she has a final feed and goes down for the night...and maybe we get time then to squeeze a Netflix sesh in!

However, as disheartening as it can be, month 2 also brought about smiles!!! Addi actually gave her first smile on the exact day she turned 6 weeks old so right on cue! and she hasn’t stopped ever since! Her first week of smiles she only seemed to give them away to white walls or ceilings!! but thankfully she gives them to people now! Ella loves to report each and every one to me ‘Mommy, I just saw her do a wee smile!!’ There is just nothing better than being on the receiving end of those smiles and I’m pretty sure they make the hard parts easier to manage because one flash of that smile and I’m putty in her hands and already forgiving her for the hour of seemingly random crying I’ve just endured!!

She is also feeding so much still, I really thought she’d settle down by now but she just seems to be continuously hungry (who am I to judge tho, when I am exactly the same!!)

She is so much more alert and really focuses her attention on specific things now. She has a little mobile above her change mat that she loves to watch so we took it in the car recently on a long journey and she smiles away at all the characters especially the octopus who seems to be her fave!

She still hates her dummy, we have been trying hard especially in the car to get her to take it...just to make journeys more pleasant and with less screaming once she wakes and demands milk! but she pulls the funniest face when we rub the teat over her lips and does not seem impressed! She sometimes sucks it in for a second, and then it is as if she realises it’s not the good stuff and she promptly spits it out!

She also still seems to prefer the great outdoors - we’re not sure if it’s to do with the fresh air or being in motion in the pram/sling or a combination of both but if we stay indoors she just wants to feed/cry/nap continuously throughout the day so we usually try to get out and about as she’s much happier when out!

The amazing warmth and sunshine have continued...making it one of the best summers I can remember. Addi had her first jaunt to England as we went to Shropshire to stay with my parents for my birthday weekend so she got plenty of snuggles!

 She also met Auntie Alli for the first time which was fun! Auntie Alli had the magic touch for cuddling her off to sleep during some of her fussy evenings so we were grateful for the rest she gave us!

We went to a newly opened BBQ restaurant for my bday meal. 

I loved this pic of Addi, looking like she was planning to sneak a taste of By’s ribs! 

I couldn’t wait for my root beer float (which sadly wasn’t the real deal and I suspect was just Carter’s)

but Ella was most impressed with her Oreo shake!

My friend Leanne has a very lovely and talented mum who made these adorable matching dresses for the girls. We tested them out on Father’s Day, and my heart was fit to burst! Twinning outfits is one of my fave things about being a mom of 2 girls!

I couldn’t resist popping her in this Canada vest for Canada Day (July 1st) 

It was the first item of baby clothing we bought when we found out I was pregnant with Ella. We bought it from Old Navy in Vancouver and here’s Ella in it first! 

My second fave part of having girls is getting to put Addi in all Ella’s hand me downs and compare the two of them!

We also celebrated 4th July (3 times!!) because you know I’m American crazy and any holiday which is all about BBQ’s and S’mores needs to be celebrated on repeat! 

Our awesome friends Susie and Emily in Georgia sent the girls these super cute outfits...

 and so they were really flying the flag for America!

I am also shouting less, which feels great! Ella is trying really hard to be super helpful which is just what I need! 

From always being there at nappy change times to hand over the new nappy (and even take the dirty one to the bin!) to carrying in groceries from the car when my hands are full with bags and Addi’s car seat, and even carrying my breastfeeding pillow and muslins around the house for me every time I switch rooms! 

She also is great at rocking the bouncer when I need 5 mins to eat my lunch,

and she always tries her best to soothe and calm Addi down when the fussy periods begin! or even fetching me snacks when I’m pinned under a feeding baby! 

She is a great big sister and Addi and I are lucky to have her! I just loved this picture when we were out in Peebles the other week.  I had gone to the counter to pay, and quick as a flash Ella scooted over from where she was sitting to the pram and was cooing at Addi and pushing her back and forth to keep her entertained! Such a loving big sis! 

So let’s finish out this month by focusing on the highs and remembering all those delicious smiles we were treated to! I can’t wait to see her little personality develop and shine through even more, as she gets more physical.

I cannot wait for the giggles to come next!!


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