Sunday, 9 January 2011

Back to school blues...overcome by desserts and sunsets!

So it was back to work for me last, but I consoled myself by getting some tasty dessert at Tiki Hut! Too bad for Mara, we had planned to try their desserts whilst she was here but had so much else to fit in that we never got around to it! oh well...guess she will just have to come back! especially for some Banana Zango because it was the best! 

A warm cinnamon covered tortilla filled with cheesecake, banana and coconut! delish! By got cookie delight: two fresh baked cookies served with ice cream but we shared so we got to try both.  This followed their amazing Chicken and Ribs...Wednesday night is the best night to go! 

Apparently everyone else on the Island thinks so too because the place was packed! We've been several times in the past but never seen it so busy! We went on a nice after dinner walk around Turtle Cove Marina and got this great shot with the lights of Tiki Hut reflecting in the water.

Byron also sneakily snapped me jigging to some Bob Marley beats.

The lights of the Marina looked pretty cool.  In other news Byron caught this whopper of a fish, it was his biggest catch to date! He blackened the fish in a frying pan, Island style, and served it up to the Missionaries when they came over for dinner and we still have tons of it left so tonight he is cooking us up a coconut and mango fish curry...yum yum! 

Just before Christmas, a local company who one of the boys mother works for raised donations for new toys for the therapy house, and we were able to put all the funds together to buy this awesome 'bounce house'.  

It is certainly a hit with the boys and is great to help them release some of that excess energy they have so much of! 

I love this shot of Josiah...what a cutie! 

When we unplug it and it deflates, Jo runs over to it and throws his arms down on it and says 'you okay?'!!  Yes he's quite the caring boy!

Yesterday we took a sunset kayak ride over to Iguana Island.  The water was so calm and By decided it was time to get me to try my skipping stone skills out again.  He has been trying to teach me since we arrived on Island...and so far I've never managed to skip! until yesterday when I managed to make the stone skip 3 times...result! (P.s if you look closely you can check my crazy sunburn I got on my back! I haven't got sunburnt since we arrived!)

By is a bit of a pro and can make his stone skip 8 or 9 times.

It was an awesome scene as the sun was setting and we headed back home...

A passing speedboat made a few mini waves...

and we headed back down the canal towards our house...

I love the silhouette of those trees! and I love chilled out Kayak rides across the ocean - fun times!!

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