Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Blue skies and Sunny days!

So our internet has been down and it feels like we fell off the face of the planet for a while there! but we're back online, hooray! and I thought I'd give a quick little update! January was a pretty long month, and funds were low so there wasn't too much exciting stuff going on! Just plenty of walks on the beach, By snapped this awesome shot of the sea on one of them which I just had to share, and just lots of time to enjoy our cute little Potcake.  

Yes that's right, those who know me will know I am absolutely not a dog lover so it makes it all the more crazy when I tell you that I am crazy in love with our little Sunny! I can't explain it, or how it happened but he's definitely won me over! Here's a little update on what he's been doing recently! 

One day he came upstairs from running around in the yard with this poor little frog hanging out of his mouth! It was pretty funny (obviously not for the frog) but he was so pleased with himself at what he'd 'caught'! 

This is his 'stalking' pose.  It's what he likes to do when he sees another dog on the beach! He's also got much more used to the water, and has come a long way since the day he jumped in to the water from the Kayak! He now loves to splash around in the water at the beach and will occasionally venture out for a swim, usually if we're both swimming too. 

Most days we agree we should have called him Sandy! because this is typically what he looks like when we leave the beach, he loves to roll in the sand and get his nose and face covered! 

His latest trick we taught him is 'High-five', he picked it up in like a day (he's a clever dog you know!) and here he is showing off his new skill! 

I can't believe how fast he is growing, it's pretty sad! I miss our tiny little Potcake that used to fit into my hand but I am surprising myself at how he is not getting uglier as he gets bigger (which is what I originally thought would happen!!) and actually he gets funnier and cuter by the day! 

We watched a pretty awesome sunset one night too, the sun really just 'drops' here in Provo! and on Friday afternoon our landlords took us on a trip on their boat which was really awesome! By gets to go out on his dive boat he works on from time to time but it was the first time I'd been on a boat since we got here and it was nice to be out on the open water! Look how calm the canal was the day we went! 

Otherwise we've just been saving our pennies and getting super excited for our eagerly awaited visitors.  My friend Jade arrives in exactly 3 weeks today! and then By's dad and brother arrive 2 weeks after that so we're planning on lots of fun times ahead! 

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