Sunday, 3 July 2011

Tex Mex Tuesday: Taqueria and the best pulled pork in London @ Bodean's!

Last Tuesday we decided we should pay a visit to Taqueria, since it's so close to where we work and we pass it often.  Unfortunately it wasn't one of our smartest choices and I have got to say this was our worst Tex Mex Tuesday in London thus far.

From the moment we stepped through the door, I wasn't really feeling it.  It lacks atmosphere compared to alot of the Mexicans we've eaten at recently, and the seats weren't too comfy either! 

On Tuesday, their speciality is Tamales.  So we ordered one to check out what they are like, it was pretty good.  We weren't quite sure how to eat it but we got the hang in the end! just make sure you don't eat the corn husks it is wrapped up in! 

I tried the pork al pastor Taco's, which was the exact same dish I had at Lupita so I was able to make a direct comparison and they just weren't up to scratch.  My food was luke warm and it came so quick that it seemed like the meat must have been reheated.  The pineapples tasted a little funky, like they'd been in the tin for too long so all in all it wasn't a good meal! 

Mara opted for the Tostada after we'd had some really good ones at Whole Foods a few weekends ago, but it didn't quite compare either.

What surprises me is that with Crazy Homies in one direction and Loco Mexicano in the other, both just a few minutes way and both fantastic Mexicans - you would think Taqueria would up their game but they haven't and subsequently I don't know why anyone would choose to eat there when in the Westbourne Grove area.

We decided to give them one last chance to impress us by ordering their Churro's. Whilst we enjoyed the dipping sauce and the amount of cinnamon they were coated in, they were far too hard and crunchy and they didn't blow us away.  

Luckily for us we had a better dining experience ahead of us later in the week! 

On Friday we found ourselves in Selfridge's, our favourite haunt! Mara was stocking up on her usual supply of foodie magazines when in one of them we saw a picture of some drool worthy pulled pork.  I couldn't get that image out of my mind, and as we browsed some of the sales in the Oxford Street shops I decided I had to get a pulled pork fix! but where?! 

I googled on my phone to find out if there was anywhere nearby selling pulled pork and to my excitement I found there was a place called Bodean's just further down in Soho that had some on their menu! So we set off on my pulled pork mission and when we arrived at Poland Street I wondered why I had never heard of Bodean's before - it looked exactly like my kind of place! 

We hurried inside, just in time to watch the end of the Murray vs. Nadal semi final - Go Rafa! and were impressed with the menu we found...jerk chicken burgers, combos of ribs and chicken, and of course the all important pulled pork sandwich! so I ordered the classic...and imagine my delight when I got to the counter only to see that they were serving root beer too...and not just any old root beer A&W!!! could this place get any better? well yes, it could, I also saw they had Key Lime Pie on their dessert menu but unfortunately after our cupcake stop at Lola's we had to hold off on dessert...but definitely next time! 

Doesn't this shot just make you smile?? root beer makes me happy!

so does the little pig that's their logo! 

Just check out that pulled pork! pure perfection in a bun and a rather delicious bun at that.

This little basket of deliciousness will only set you back £6.95 so not only is the food super tasty but also super reasonable!

What are you waiting for...go check it out! 

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