Sunday, 11 November 2012

Halloween & Enjoying The Last of Fall

I had big plans for Halloween, we were going to go to a pumpkin patch and do all the North American things I've always dreamed of, and we were going to go to Fright Night at the local theme park...and then the rain came and ruined all those plans! So neither of those things happened, and we had to just buy our pumpkins at the supermarket, how boring!

We did manage to make it to UBC's apple festival a few weeks back, despite the rain, which was quite fun.  They love their apples in this part of the world and they had a tasting tent where you could try more than 60 different varieties!

I also tried warm apple cider for the first time, don't worry it's not the same as English cider and is actually non alcoholic! It was really tasty! Here I am posing with my cup and a load of pumpkins!

I also saw this giant pumpkin just growing in the soil! 

and they even had a contest for the longest peel! They also named a new apple variety which was apparently pretty exciting for everyone! and we managed to pick up a bag of apples that tasted like sweet juicy can't even buy them in the supermarket so we were pretty pleased with that purchase! and our afternoon of 'fall' related fun!

So our actual Halloween was pretty uneventful.  We carved the pumpkins at the top of this post, got in tons of candy and I was super excited for all the cute little trick or treaters who were going to knock at our door! I kept peering out the window wondering where they were, well we only had one knock all night! Talk about disappointing! I've had more than that in England, but I think we just live in the wrong neighbourhood for that kind of thing! 

Luckily we went to a super awesome Halloween party to celebrate the holiday in style! On a side note I really should have taken some photos of the houses that go all out with Halloween decorations around here, it was seriously impressive! 

So on to our party! 

Denise and Dan, or Frieda and Vincent, hosted this fun costume party.  There were even prizes for the best costumes and the best food that people had brought!

Jessie and Jeff looked super cool decked out in glow sticks...

and they also made these super cute skeleton brownies!

Kelsey and Bruce came as Harry Potter and a fox (I think!).

Colonel Sanders and Wendy took the prize for the best costumes of the night! They certainly got my vote,  and they even brought a real tub of KFC chicken and frosties that went down well!

Peter came as a rather convincing James Bond whilst Cassie had gone all out with her gory make up and costume.

I went as a rather patriotic hockey fan, complete with maple leaf nails whilst By went as a nerd.  This is the first, and hopefully only time I will ever see him with a side parting! haha

Carl and Anna were a very convincing Bollywood couple,

and Nicole and Brandon were an 'item'.

Tara and Sean put in an appearance as salt and pepper!

and the prize for the best food was a tie between Anna's Indian starter and our pumpkin pretzels so it came down to a rock, paper, scissors battle that Anna was triumphant in! 

All in all a great night, definitely the best halloween party we've been to before!

We've actually had at least 4 rain free days this week which is pretty rare indeed so we've been out and about enjoying the last that fall has to offer, as the trees are starting to get bare now.  We walked to a park near our house last Sunday afternoon and snapped these pics...

Just check out how vivid those colours are! 

It's not 'fall' unless you have a leaf throwing pic - fact!

A few days later we headed to Queen Elizabeth Park after work one night because By still hadn't been there yet and I knew the colours would be gorgeous!

I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

I definitely think it is one of the most beautiful fall's, or autumn as we would say in England, that I've ever had the chance of experiencing! 

I would be more sad about it ending if it wasn't for the fact that winter on the way means snow, which means lots of trips to Whistler! which means Christmas is on the way, and after seeing how the Canadians went all out for Halloween I just know that Christmas is going to be bigger and better than ever! 

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