Wednesday, 28 November 2012

An Icy Day at Norvan Falls

A few weeks ago, it was Saturday and there was no rain... these two rarely happen at the same time, and so we made the most of it by heading to Lynn Valley Regional Park in North Van. 

It was the first time since we've been here that we experienced just below zero temperatures, it made for some pretty cool pictures.

There was a thin layer of frost covering everything.

The creek was a beautiful blue colour and looked icy cold too!

Although, the sun would deceive you into thinking otherwise!

The forester in the family took a liking to these trees!

The hike to the falls was around 15 km there and back (would've been shorter but we got off at the wrong bus stop) and took us around four and a half hours.

I was still pretty enthusiastic at this point, but that faded somewhat on the walk back!

By found this unusual tree...

and eventually we made it to the falls.

Just to prove how cold the water was, there was even icicles on the underside of this log!

We had a picnic by the falls and enjoyed the scenery before heading back. 
It was another fun filled Saturday for us and now the colder weather has finally arrived we are planning an even more exciting Saturday this weekend as we head to Whistler Mountain! Here's hoping I can remember how to ski!

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