Tuesday, 25 December 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

So I'm behind on blogging! Here's a little peek at what our little tree looked like once we decorated it! Initially we just hung candy canes on it and I baked up some gingerbread decorations...

a few days later a package from England arrived and my sister sent us tons of cute baubles and red and white striped twine that made our tree look even more festive and fun! 

No Christmas tree is complete without gingerbread men...fact! 

and because I love bokeh, I couldn't help myself!

These little heart decorations had to be my fave! 

This week, another package arrived from England and this time my Mom sent awesome gingerbread men ribbon! 

So we added some onto the tree, on top of the candy cane ribbon that was already on there to make for one sugar themed tree! 

We didn't have a star to go on the top so this past weekend when we were in Whistler we picked up this awesome decoration and decided it was worthy enough to adorn the top of our tree, because after this weekend Whistler has become one of my favourite places in the world (but that's a post all in itself!)

We've also been busy taking bus rides to all the most decorated houses in town!

 It's one of our Braithwaite traditions, we would always drive around the towns that we've lived in blasting out a Christmas playlist hunting down the best houses! It's a bit more complicated on the bus! but when I see a house as I go whizzing by I make a mental note of it's location and later we'll take a trip out to see it! 

I was especially fond of the cute little candy cane path at this house! 

and this house kept it classy with just yellow and white lights and a giant lit up wreath above the door.

This inflatable Canadian hockey player was rather fun!

and these giant candy canes either side of the entrance way made this house photo worthy!

My favourite house we've found so far though is just a block away from our church, and comes complete with a life sized gingerbread house in their front garden, a lollipop walkway and sweets and candies hanging from the trees! How awesome can you get! 

We also took this pic one night facing towards downtown.  The skyscraper on the right has a santa's hat made out of lights on top of it! and even the cranes here get involved and light themselves up! We've also seen a few cars driving around with mounds of lights on top of their roof which always cracks us up! 

To carry on the festive fun, on Friday night we headed to the 'Festival of Lights' at Van Dusen Botanical gardens.  

It was pretty amazing, they have over 1.4 million lights throughout the garden...

and they have fun little features like gingerbread wood and candy cane lane!

These little guys were living in the wood!

Not only are the lights pretty to look at, they also do awesome synchronised music displays.  The video we took of it had loads of background noise of people talking but you can check out what it looked like here.

The red and green tree at the back was pretty cool,

and these tulip lights were amazing!

With so many lights around, it was time for more bokeh!

These were some of the tiny bulbs lining the lake up close...

and you can see candy cane lane in the distance if you look close here!

It was a great night out to get in the mood for the upcoming celebrations!

and now it's hard to believe it's nearly all over! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas day spent with the ones they love.  It was definitely a different one for us being so far away from home, but one filled with fun and new friends and memories that will last a long time.

Happy Christmas!

Check back next time for the hundreds of photos I took in Whistler this past weekend! 

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