Sunday, 2 December 2012

Powder day on Whistler!

So our first snow day at Whistler was a good'un! When we arrived there had been a heavy snowfall the night before of 17cm which meant for tons of powder! Now I'm a skiing novice but even I knew that meant it was going to be a good day! 

We headed up the gondola with Andree, a Kiwi classmate of By's from uni and her Aussie friends Emily and Ngaire! They are on exchange at UBC too and we were all pretty excited about our first day out on the slopes!

The great thing about being part of a group was that we actually got a picture of the two of us for once!

I was having so much fun on the chairlifts, I'm pretty sure I could have just stayed on them all day long and been perfectly happy!

It continued to snow all throughout the day which at first made me pretty happy...

and it also made everything look pretty magical! However by the end of the day we were looking like drowned rats with soaked through I'm hoping next time we might get a clearer day weather wise, and some blue skies might be nice too! but wet clothes aside, Whistler is just SO beautiful! and is fast becoming my favourite place to ski! which isn't hard since it's the only place I've skied, aside from the snowdome in Milton Keynes! 

By says you can't have everything weather wise, and so we put up with the snow that turned to rain because it was giving us some pretty deep snow to ski/snowboard in! 

By went for a little adventure with Andree to some of the steeper runs, since I'm still a beginner I stayed behind on my bunny slope! He got stuck pretty bad in some deep snow! Andree, being the great friend she is, laughed and took photos! but he managed to get back on his feet okay and join me for a few more runs to see how I had improved since he had left me! 

I managed to show him a couple of runs with no falling over at all, so that was a pretty good result!

We headed down to the village for some lunch and being the honorary Vancouverties we all are, we opted for Poutine - what else! It was so tasty!

We wandered around the village, and just to show you how cold it really was - check out that frozen river!

The christmas decorations were up, and everything was looking rather festive!

Like true tourists, we had to take a picture by the Olympic rings!

and we rounded off the day by eating a chocolate chip and raspberry cookie the size of my head, and warming up with some hot chocolate! I was never that big of a fan of hot chocolate back in England, but since moving to Canada it's sort of become a necessity for survival here! Haha, just kidding...Vancouver actually has the warmest winter climate out of all the major cities here but sometimes you do need cheering up from all the rain and hot chocolates are just the way to do it!

So now that we officially have our season passes, you can bet we're going to be heading back here more often! I can't wait!

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