Tuesday, 8 January 2013

An English Christmas...in Canada!

We started off our Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve with Maria-Elena and George, our friends from church who do their big Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve since Maria-Elena is Chilean and that's when they usually have it.  She kindly invited us over as she knew we wouldn't have any family to be celebrating with this year! 

She cooked us up a feast! and after dinner it was time to act out the Christmas story! 

By got to be the Innkeeper! I just stuck to photographer!

We read from the scriptures, and took some time to remember what Christmas is really all about.

By made a new best friend with this little Santa cutie! whilst we opened some lovely hand knitted presents from Maria Elena! That scarf will sure come in handy when we head back to Whistler!

On Christmas morning it was time for the present opening fun to begin! 

Somehow stockings are a little less exciting when you have to fill them yourselves! Apparently our 'Santa' was back in England! 

We did get this hamper full of treats from By's parents which made our Christmas extra delicious! 

I was very excited to find my stocking stuffed with all kinds of yummy treats from my favourite bakery in Vancouver.  There was mint chocolate homemade s'mores, coconut marshmallows and candy cane cookies! 

By was more enthusiastic about his peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar on the day! but I think he was still too sleepy to convey that for the camera! 

I made sure his stocking was stuffed with lots of treats too...Canadian style, and lots of crazy flavour hot chocolates whilst still having the traditional Braithwaite gift of some Ferrero's! 

I also got to open up some prezzies that came all the way from England! I appreciated the polka dot wrapping...

and the polka dot scarves! because here in Vancouver you can never have too many scarves that's for sure! 

I tried to make our Christmas table look pretty, which is easier said than done when everything costs three times as much as it should do over here! 

By did an amazing job cooking us up a proper English roast! He even went all out with his homemade cranberry sauce! and homemade stuffing balls (the UK way!) and we trekked all over town to track down some duck fat at the butchers to make those roasties extra crispy!

and we did try to make homemade pigs in blankets which proved tricky since we couldn't find any cocktail sausages! so they were much larger than usual! No-one seemed to mind though! 

Our friends from church Cassie and Peter joined us, and By's friend Demi from uni.  Cassie made an amazing drink with pineapple juice and other fruit juices and real strawberry pieces in it - I wish I'd taken photos! It was delish! 

Everyone was excited to be trying an 'English' Christmas dinner, especially when bacon brussel sprouts were involved! 

It was a fun filled day of eating, eating and more eating! and some game playing too!

and we finished the day with Trifle and Chocolate log because, let's face it, two desserts are always better than one!

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