Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Final Days Fun with Friends - Part 1: English Bay, Deep Cove, Northshore Night Market & The Grouse Grind!

So this last month has been SO action packed that I can't even keep up! but I'm going to try because I need to get all our Vancouver pictures out the way before we commence our Stateside road trip next week! During our one amazing sunny week we had waaaay back at the start of June (because there hasn't been one since!) we headed down to English Bay beach with our friends for a friday night BBQ.

The skies were blue, the sun was shining, and everyone was out and about!

It was so much fun to just sit on a blanket, next to the ocean and the mountains and enjoy the view!

and also enjoy some hotdogs!

Sorry, I think I caught you mid chew!

The sun started to set, and as always it was a beautiful sunset!

We even managed to stop at the South African shop in Kitsilano earlier that day and pick up some boerewors because a BBQ isn't a BBQ without cooking up some boerie rolls! 

Then, our friends busted out the marshmallows and it was s'mores time! It was a bit challenging over a gas flame but we made it work! 

Just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, our friend announced she had made dessert so we headed back to their place to feast on some of the most delicious pineapple and ice cream pie ever!

Yes, let's just let that take a minute to sink in...pineapple and coconut ice cream pie! It was out of this world amazing!

it was whipped up especially for me and my love of coconut - our friends here in Vancouver are the best!

The next day we headed across the bridge to North Van and ended up in Deep Cove.

We were planning on a hike in some of that beautiful sunny weather we had experienced all week long...

The clouds had other things in store for us! The rain held off for most of the hike through the woods, but just as got out into the open on 'Quarry Rock' the rain started to pour down! 

It didn't turn out to be the perfect picnic spot we were hoping for! but rain aside, it was still a pretty awesome sight! 

We have been to Deep Cove so many times before and watched the little dots of people far up on the rock above the cove, so I was excited to finally be one of those little dots!

Crazily enough, as soon as we hiked back down the sun came out and it turned super warm! which was just as well because I had promised to introduce them to the awesome shaved ice delights of Deep Cove!

The lime and coconut one does the trick for me every time! 

I soaked in those views a little longer than usual, knowing it would probably be the last time we would find ourselves at my favourite little B.C spot! 

The following week, we went to check out an awesome night market with Brandon and Nicole that I had been hearing good things about.  We hopped on the sea bus and ended up at Wallace Shipyards in North Van.

It was definitely the most scenic-ly situated night market I've ever been to! 

The food trucks were out in full force! It was hard to know which one to choose! 

I love that skyline peeking through behind the funnel cake food truck! 

We stocked up on ice cream even before we had our dinner which was a wise move because shortly after we got our scoops, they had all sold out! I went for coconut and By got blackberry sorbet, both were absolutely delish as were our cones! 

Brandon, Nicole, Cambree and Paisley were defo enjoying the view! 

In the end, I settled on pulled pork...what else! 

It was completely amazing! and I watched the guy tear it apart into shreds and apply it fresh onto my bun...straight from the joint! 

I had been eyeing up the snow cone stall all night and so I had to stop by there before we left...

There were soooo many amazing flavours to choose from but I had to go with coconut lime and key lime mint as a combo.

It was a good choice for sure - how cute are their syrup bottles and labels!

As we left, and the darkness was setting on the little lights came on making the market feel even more magical!

and the skyline was looking awesome!

Oh Vancouver - how can we ever leave you! 

One weeknight after work, we decided it was now or never and did 'The Grind' with our friends. 

I was excited for it, but also petrified.  Most things I'd read about it said it was crazy hardcore and it's basically like non stop stair climbing the whole way.  We went on another amazingly sunny and warm evening and so I knew we were guaranteed a good view at the that was my motivation! 

...and I needed it because it was tough! I had never been so happy to see little square blue stickers before to tell me how long left to go...especially when I reached the 3/4 guy!

We eventually made it to the top, and to this view! 

Sweaty and very very hot, but also proud! I felt like more of a legit 'Vancouverite' after completing it! 

We checked out the awesome views of Mount Baker! 

and couldn't believe just how fast all the snow had melted compared to the last time we had been up here! 

We wondered over to the grizzly enclosure and managed to see one up close and personal! 

It was very cool indeed, but I was grateful for the fence that stood between us! 

getting playful with a snowball fight! 

It didn't end too happily! 

but it was smiles all round when we ate at the restaurant and rewarded ourselves with an insanely huge portion of nachos! 

and took in that view one last time! 

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