Friday, 28 June 2013

Final Days Fun with Friends Part 2: Cascade Falls and White Rock

Any weekend that starts with drinks in jars and pulled pork is just fine by me! 

Our friends Sam and Brett offered to take us to mission to tick off Cascade Falls which was one of the places on my list of where I wanted to go before we left! I didn't realise that our trip to Mission would be memorable for more than just waterfalls!  Sam used to work at Embers BBQ House and so recommended we should go eat there! I went for the pulled pork wrap which usually I would never do cause I'm not super into wraps but when she told me that they bake their's fresh every morning I knew they would taste amazing! and it was one of the best pulled pork meals I've ever had! 

After that we headed off to Cascade Falls and Brett's dog Toby came along for the ride, he was loving cruising with the window rolled down! 

There were a few smaller creeks as we hiked into the park...

and then we made it to Cascade Falls itself.  

It's a pretty impressive waterfall! and I love how the fallen log frames it so perfectly in front of it! 

I was thinking standing on that log would make for an awesome photo op but it's probably a little too slippy! 

We headed under the fence to go in for a closer look at the top of the falls.

It was pretty ferocious!

The water, was not surprisingly, icy cold!

and I just love me some moss covered trees!

Everything is so lush and green here! 

We posed for a few pics by the falls before heading off on our next adventure! 

Since the sun was starting to come out, Brett and Sam decided to show us White Rock which was awesome because it was also on my list! So we managed to tick off 2 things in one day - now that's productive! 

It is a very cute little beach town, and I loved this sign that was outside one of the little eateries along the street! 

No trip to the beach is complete without gelato! By was pretty impressed with this waffle cone which he thought was probably homemade.  

We strolled along the beach to the 'White Rock' - yes there's an actual rock painted white! 

I had to snap a picture of this railway line because it just amazes me everytime I see one here! They have no railings on any train track I've ever seen! It just seems so dangerous! and this one even has pedestrian crossings that you can walk across to get from the beach to the town! 

We strolled down the pier...

and checked out those views...

and then we spotted these giant purple starfish clinging on to the underneath of the pier!

I couldn't get over how many there were!

or quite how big they were!

The sea was making cool patterns on the beach...

and I liked this cute little turquoise painted house overlooking the ocean.  One thing I'm going to miss is how colourful and different all the houses are from one another, you never get two houses next to each other that are the same! 

I still get excited for totem poles!

and I had to snap a picture of the train coming through, we had just been standing on the track moments before! and that seagull flew out the way just in time!

Sam and Brett indulged in some fish n chips, but I was still too full from all my pulled pork! 

These seagulls waited patiently hoping to score some leftovers!

and we took one last pic standing on the tracks! just because you can!
I was so glad we were able to spend an afternoon in White Rock, it's a pretty cute place! 
and so glad for friends who are always willing to be our chauffeurs! 

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