Saturday, 31 January 2015

Boxing Day and Beyond...

We arrived at my mom and dad's just in time for round two of present fun!

Ella got her own table of prezzies! and even her own mini little tree! and another stocking too, what a lucky baby!

Here she is ready for action! 

Luckily Ellis woke up from his nap just in time to join in! and to be reunited with his favourite (and only) little cousin.  Aren't they the cutest!

By now, Ella was a pro at ripping paper off - "step aside Mom, I got this!"

She was less keen about the festive headwear we had inflicted on her! 

and she certainly won't be jumping on Auntie Mel's bow wearing bandwagon anytime soon! 

Ella was all into Ellis' tool box though! 

and Ellis was a little too taken with Ella's pink chair! Aren't babies funny! 

He may or may not have tried to push her off a few times until he was reigning triumphant on his pink throne! 

Gourmet hot chocolate for By...

and gourmet marshmallows plus Oreo filled Milka and a personalised jar of Nutella - I think Santa knows us well! 

We sat down for our family feast...

with this delicious turkey pie courtesy of Mara!

 and all the trimmings! and then just when we thought the day couldn't get any better, it started to snow! At first it was just tiny flakes and we thought nothing of it, but then it really started coming down!

and the excitement kicked in!!

Ella got her first real encounter with snow! It actually snowed on her 3rd day of life, the day after we got back from the hospital but she was wrapped up like a little newborn inside with Granny whilst me and By went to see if it was going to be sledging weather, it wasn't sadly! but I'm pretty sure she didn't remember that Scottish snow so this was her actual first time!! 

It was very fun to watch! Ella and Ellis kept staring up at the sky wondering what the magical stuff was!

You an even see Ella's little look of amazement in the pic below!

and she made her first snow angel, on the car bonnet! 

We headed in to get the cousins ready for their first joint bath! it was too cute!

They are both crazy in love with bath time! and were better at sharing each others toys this time around! 

Ellis even let Ella take a shot with his new toy! Slam dunk! 

The next day was spent with lots of cute cousin time to make the most of what time Ellis had left before he had to leave for Belgium.

Engrossed in the Christmas movie! 

and I love this one of Ellis showing Ella how it's done on the walker, like he's guiding her through it! that's what big cousins are for! 

Auntie Mara made sure she got lots of cuddles in...

and so did Uncle By! The only time you can manage to steal a hug from Ellis is when he's having his milk...

unless you're me because every time he came near me he would lay his head down on my shoulders and just snuggle with me! it was the cutest! Apparently he never does that! So I felt very special! 

Ellis also loved Ella's chimpanzee puppet, especially when his dad was giving such good little shows with it! 

Ella found a way to enjoy both presents at once! and then it was time for more snow fun! 

Look at the excitement on their little faces!

This time they were properly dressed to get fully involved!

Ellis was a fan of the snowman By made!

In fact Ella loved it so much that she went for a closer look...

but he wasn't as sturdy as she'd hoped for and she managed to flatten the poor guy, falling face first into the snow in the process!

It's a steep learning curve being a baby!

Love this one of the two little snow novices!

Ella even tried her hand at some sledging! in our makeshift tyre!

She wasn't 100% sure about it! but hopefully that will change as she gets older!

Granny and Grandad seeing us off when it was time for us to go...and the snow was still on the ground! 

We had a quiet New Year's in Wales.

 Byron's dad came to visit us and we just had some boerewors for dinner and let off some indoor sparklers.

Ella's ballapalooza present from Grandad got set up! 

and it was an early night for all!

What a fun festive season we had! and incase you didn't get a Christmas card from us, here was our little festive elf this year! 

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