Monday, 5 January 2015

Winter Wanderings: Snowdonia and beyond...

Before we can talk about Christmas, I have a few months of winter hikes to blog about! 

Since it has been such a mild winter, there's been plenty of great blue sky days and we know to take advantage of them! So we've been introducing our little baby hiker to all the prettiest places around! 

We eased her in gently by venturing to the Watkins Path one Saturday, it's one of the easier trails that leads up Mount Snowdon.  We didn't go up that high as it's an all day affair to get to the top, but just gave Ella a little taster! 

As you can see, she was loving it! 

There were plenty of waterfalls to keep me happy!

and some dodgy camera balancing to get this self timer shot of the 3 of us!

Check out the blue hues of that water!

Daddy posing with a fast asleep Ella on him on the way back down! but oh, what a view! and can you believe we got down to November!

Our next hike took us to Cwm Idwal, we've been here quite a few times in the past but usually only walked around the lake at ground level, and never ventured any further.

It had been a lovely blue sky day when we left our house but as we ventured into the mountains the clouds suddenly appeared! 

It certainly created some atmosphere!

and this little lady was loving it all anyway! in her new Regatta beanie we had got her at Cotswold a few weeks before to keep her warm and toastie on our hikes!

It was quite a climb up a rocky path with a baby on your back! but it was worth it for that view!

If only that cloud wasn't there!

Ella and I took a snack break whilst By went all the way to the top which is known as Hell's Kitchen through that little passage way, it was quite steep and you needed to scramble up some rocks so we decided it wasn't a good idea to attempt it with Ella! 

On the way back down the clouds cleared and we got this awesome view, although I'm not sure Ella caught it with her hat sliding over her eyes!

and a pretty sunset to top it off as we left!

At the beginning of December, when another Saturday brought more blue skies we said 'yessss let's go take the cable car up the Great Orme' in Llandudno.  When we got there we discovered we were out of season and the cable car is actually closed until March! What a disappointment! 

So we took a little walk out to the water's edge instead.

Ella loved peeping at the sheep in the next field!

We got there just in time for golden hour!

and caught another lovely sunset.

The last weekend before we headed on our Christmas adventures By went on a mountain biking trail through some woods with friends so Ella and I had a girls day at the same time.  We went to check out nearby Conwy Falls, and improved a little at our 'sling selfies'!

I was loving all the mossy covered branches!

The falls were less exciting than I had hoped!

but it was quite a nice walk through the woods...

This was Ella's 'I thought they would be bigger' too Ella, me too! 

We finished our afternoon by heading to Betws-y-Coed...

for a mini train adventure! Ella jigged the whole way around the track and squealed with delight! 

I think she loves Wales and is turning into a great little outdoor explorer! 

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