Saturday, 7 May 2011

A sunny Bank Holiday...yes, another one!!

So we managed to fit in two festivals last weekend! On Saturday we headed to the local 'Sausage & Beer Festival' in a little village called Sherington.  It was full of local charm, sitting on hay bales in a big marquee, listening to an acoustic guitar and singers rendition of Mumford and Sons chowing down on some delicious English sausages (how I've missed them!) I can't obviously comment on the beer, but the rest of the day was fun filled! 

The weather was so lovely that we couldn't resist popping over to Willen Lake, taking Byron's dog Obie for a walk and getting a Mr Whippy ice cream from the local van! 

On Bank Holiday Monday I had heard of a Street Food Festival that was happening in Southbank, London.  I was desperate to go and when I heard there was even going to be a little Churros stall, there was no question and even By was up for it too! 

There were so many cool little trucks selling unusual food, this one was especially colourful and was selling 'Bhangra Burgers' - Indian spiced burgers! 

We tried some Caribbean Curry from this stall and it didn't disappoint...

but we couldn't just try one thing! so we also had a delicious pulled pork burger from a little American stall and here is Mara with our cupful of Churros! yum!

This guy was making Indian food out of the back of his truck and then wrapping it up in newspaper, fish 'n' chips style! 

We snapped a pic of the South Africans by the Statue of Nelson Mandela! 

and then took a lovely Sunshine stroll along the Thames, apparently they had the longest set of bunting set up ever! It certainly added to the fun and you can see all the colourful beach huts too that had little things going on in them.

Not a cloud in the sky! 

We walked all the way down to Tate Modern, but couldn't quite face the walk back so we thought we'd try out a little bike ride, thanks to Boris! 

I've got to say I'm so impressed with the scheme! Each bike only costs £1 to hire for a whole 24 hours, if we hadn't needed to get home we would have just cycled around London for fun! 

It was a bit tricky meandering through the crowds but luckily we had bells to alert people we were coming!

Once we broke away from the crowds it was just a lovely ride and good for saving our weary feet! I think in the future, once I've braved the crazy London traffic, this bike scheme might be the way forward! It's tons cheaper than buying a travelcard for the underground and a much nicer way to get around!

...and I might be getting to use these bikes alot more in the future since this week I got offered the most amazing job! I will be working for The English Cheesecake Company for the summer on a top secret project! which I can't let slip right now but it's pretty much going to incorporate 3 of my very favourite things to do so as you can imagine I'm ridiculously excited! I will be living in London during the week with Mara and I foresee lots of cupcake and Mexican eating! and I can't wait!!!

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  1. Mara told me all about your impromtu trip into London - so jeal! The bikes look fab - I think they do that in lots of European cities.
    I love the pic of you with the bunting on the hay bale. It's perfect scrap fodder!
    So exciting about your new dream job. Just watch out for the