Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tacuba: a mini Mexican feast!

This past Monday we ventured to South London for our Mexican.  This is because we attend Family Home Evening in Clapham and we didn't want to miss it so we googled a good Mexican nearby and found Tacuba.  It is currently 20th place on Trip Advisor for the best Mexican restaurants in London and we figured it would be a good idea to start by touring the top 20 to begin with! Loco Mexicano where we visited last week was ranked 15th

The first thing about Tacuba is that it is small! and has a very limited seating area.  It is really just a bar, and can probably seat around 20ish people at max.  The tables are also tiny! Mara and I had just a narrow plank of wood between us for a table and we were wondering how both of our plates would fit on when the food arrived, but as you can see from the photo above the plates are quite tiny too so that's how they manage it! 

I get the feeling Tacuba would be a fun place to go to with a group of friends and you could all order different dishes and feast away.  Mara got 5 mini pork Taco's and I got 5 mini chicken enchilada's so we did a bit of swapping, the food was delicious and reasonable priced too.  We were also impressed with their range of fruit juices, I hate when restaurants only offer apple, orange and pineapple so our mango and passionfruit juices made a welcome change! 

So if you're ever in Balham and in the mood for some cheap yet tasty Mexican, I can recommend Tacuba! 

On Thursday night we went to an awesome 20% off night at Carnaby Street.

It was absolutely buzzing and there was so much fun stuff going on! Check out the super cute popcorn machine outside Tommy Hilfiger, they were giving away free popcorn in awesome stars and stripes cups...needless to say I was loving it! 

The queue for Mac was ridunculous and everyone was loving their discount shopping! We went back later in the evening when things had calmed down a bit for a spot of shopping!

We also got 20% off when we ate at Carnaby Burger Co, which is very similar to Gourmet Burger Co but has the added bonus of serving hot dogs so I indulged in a chilli cheese dog with bacon fries! and one of my all time favourite flavour of milkshakes - the Oreo! 

By chance, because Las Iguanas was full to the brim and we would have had a 2 hour wait for a table, we ended up at Gourmet Burger Co in Milton Keynes last night for date night! and as luck would have it our waiter had gone to school with Byron so he gave us some discount vouchers and also made our Oreo shakes with extra Oreo which I appreciated greatly!  They also have a new menu with some great little gems like 'The Jamaican' burger with mango and ginger salsa so I tried it out as a little throwback to our Caribbean days! 

...and after a week full of indulging and of course eating far too much cheesecake we went bouldering today at Big Rock Climbing to work a little of it off! and it was a much harder workout than anticipated actually! I think it's going to become our new summer hobby, and I have a feeling it's going to have to be  so that I don't put on 2 stone by the end of our summer with my new job!

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  1. Wow - a feast of a week! That little place looks cute - it's a good idea to try the top 20. How did you find FHE?
    Is bouldering just climbing without the ropes? x