Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tex Mex Tuesday: Crazy Homies & Lucky 7 Diner, Westbourne Grove

This week I deviated off my Top 20 list, but for good reason.  I stumbled upon Crazy Homies online and I instantly knew we needed to pay this place a visit, not only for the original and inventive flavour contributions on the menu, but because it was located right next to this place: 

Lucky 7 Diner...anyone who knows me well will know that, to me, this is a perfect combo!!  

Situated side by side on Westbourne Park Road, just off Portobello, you might miss these little Gems since the neighbourhood has so much else to offer but I would invite all of you to pay them a visit because they are awesome!!  

We decided since Crazy Homies only opened at 6pm and we came straight from work that we would try out a triple thick milkshake at Lucky 7 while we waited.  At £5.50 a shake, it doesn't come cheap but too often I am left disappointed by milkshakes that aren't thick enough for my liking and so it was a few extra pounds definitely well spent! I had tried to order the mint choc chip, yum, but was told they would only be able to make it medium thick (I presume they had run out of mint ice cream) but that wouldn't do, I had come to sample the triple thick! so I opted for a strawberry, you know it's going to be delish when it's so thick it won't even pour out of your extra refill! and it was! We had planned to both get shakes but as soon as we saw ROOT BEER FLOATS on the menu we just had to order one of those too so we shared! 

I totally didn't plan to be the walking A&W advert that day! I had just thrown on my brown converses and looked for a tee that matched, so we thought it made for a funny photo op! This has got to be one of the best Root Beer Floats we've had in the UK, perhaps second only to All Star Lanes.  We might have ordered a sneaky hot dog too, I didn't photograph it as I wasn't planning to share what fatties we truly are but it was too delicious not to mention.  So as the clock struck 6 we headed over to kick off our Tex Mex Tuesday...

and Crazy Homies has got to be the coolest Mexican we have tried so far.  With a name like that, how could it not be! It's tiny inside, I think with extra seating downstairs, but that adds to the appeal! It has a bench seat all the way around with cool little cushions that you can chill out on, and is very bright and colourful inside...

Check out that cute bunting and the crazy spider light! plus it's menu is called The Bible...and I think that's a testament to just how many different delicious offerings are available to you...

I, for one, have never heard of or even imagined Butternut squash and Chorizo Tostadas, but luckily for me Crazy Homies dreamt them up and they were amazing!! Butternut is one of my favourite foods ever and it complimented all the black beans underneath it perfectly, and the salsas were all incredibly fresh too.

It got more exotic too, Mara relived her Caribbean days with some Mahi Mahi Tostadas! which came with a pineapple relish! How they got Mahi Mahi here, I'm not quite sure.  It was a fish I had never come across until we lived in Turks and Caicos where it was one of the most common Caribbean fish offerings you would find at restaurants.  However they managed to get it here, we're glad they did because we both devoured our meals (yes after the shakes, floats and hot dog too..oops!) 

Unfortunately, just as it was going SO well for Crazy Homies, we had to go and order Churros - our fave Mexican dessert! and after raving about the ones we had last week at Lupita I knew they were going to have to be pretty spectacular to compare...

spectacular they were not, and actually cooked they were not.  Even from this picture I think you can see the glossy wet like sheen is not normal! When we bit into them they were still gooey inside, not gooey in a good way, gooey in a raw batter sort of way! I called the waiter over and asked him if this was how Churros were meant to be, he assured me it was, but obviously he didn't know my love for all things Mexican and how I know what a Churro should taste like!! We sent them back, he took them off the bill, we didn't want to chance ordering any more.

It was a sad end to the evening, dessert is usually my fave part! So my advice would be definitely go for some amazingly delicious Mexican at Crazy Homies but perhaps pop next door to Lucky 7 for some all American dessert or a milkshake to finish off the night with in the future! 


  1. Very funky little place - what a find. Perhaps you should have stopped before dessert - I find shakes (esp triple thick) really fill me up. I like the sound of your dish. If only we lived nearer to London...

  2. You know, I'm not a traveler. But the one place I would like to visit is England, mostly because of the cute little places like this one.