Friday, 10 June 2011

Tex Mex Tuesday: Tequila - where the chips are free and the mocktails are sweeter!

So yet again I've veered off 'the list' and I'm beginning to question my Trip Advisor list altogether.  Some of the Mexican restaurants in the 'top 20' only have like 2 reviews so I'm not sure how they got their rankings! I've decided I'm a better judge of character so I'll pick them from now this week, I stumbled upon Tequila Tex Mex in Notting Hill and their extensive range of mocktails made me think they were worth a visit.  

Prior to finding them, I had been trying to google if there were any Mexican restaurants in London that gave you free tortilla chips while you were waiting.  I didn't come up with any results, my sister Mara had told me that would be her favourite kind of Mexican! so imagine our delight when shortly after ordering we were brought these goodies...

yes completely free! the Salsa was delicious and it certainly made our wait far more enjoyable! 

Being the non alcoholics we are, I always love a menu that has interesting drinks.  I had an amazing virgin pina colada and Mara had the most delicious passion fruit smoothie.

Mara had a stuffed chilli, and look at the size of it! We came to the verdict that if you're feeling very hungry and in the mood for Mexican then Tequila Tex Mex is definitely for you because their portions are massive, especially after the bite size portions we've been experiencing at the last couple of Mexicans we've been too! 

I had a Chimchanga, which I was pretty excited about.  They are rare finds on Mexican menu's so when I see one I can't help but order it.  It was served with refried beans, which I wouldn't touch growing up but I've since grown to love and the rice and salsa were equally delicious.

The service was fanastic, all of the staff were super friendly - even down to the waitress who offered to take a picture of both of us when she saw us with the camera.  I had seen the 'Taco Lover Zone' sign and had to have my photo taken with it! Unfortunately she also hit on the idea of bringing us both sombrero's and in the process they have blocked out the very sign I was trying to be snapped with! but you get the idea, and you've got to appreciate her effort for trying!  

All in all it was a great Tex Mex Tuesday, unfortunately no Churro's on the dessert menu so we went without, because we had bought some cupcakes on the way so we knew we would be feasting on those later! 

After, we went to a bargain showing at the Coronet Cinema.  Every Tuesday night they show films for £3.50 - I'm pretty sure that's unheard of in London! and it was quite a cool old theatre inside but if you are going to go book early.  The screen was completely full, and we were glad we had pre booked tickets and didn't have to wait in the long queue.  We saw 'Last Night' which was okay but I'm not really sure I particularly related to the morals in the film so maybe it wasn't the best choice in hindsight but for £3.50 it wasn't a bad night out! 

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