Thursday, 9 June 2011

A weekend in the country

So the great thing about my life right now is that I get to enjoy London living all week long but then still get to come back here on weekends. 

Last Friday night, after being reunited with Byron after an oh-so-long week apart (and Byron  must have thought so too since he even met me at the train station with a bouquet of flowers!) we headed to Weston Underwood.  It's a little village just beside Olney (the village in Buckinghamshire where Byron and I met).

It is very English! check out this cute little brick bus stop with the red postbox perfectly situated beside was calling out to be photographed!

and it is a beautifully kept village.  In fact it has won many awards year after year for being the best kept village and after seeing that little snapshot above it's not hard to see why!

The real reason we came to Weston Underwood though, was to visit this little spot.  It was a favourite of ours whilst we were dating.  I had always just known it as 'The Alcove' so was surprised to find this sign this time around, although I had known that Cowper was known to write some of his poetry from this very spot so it makes sense.

and with a view like that, it's clear to see where his inspiration came from! I thought my mom would especially like this pic, you can see the spire of the church in Olney in the distance and that was one of the things that made her want to move to Olney!

Here is a shot of the Alcove from the front, it's looking a little shabby these days and could do with a lick of paint but I still love it...mostly for sentimental reasons!

Here we are, it's been 6 years since we first met and since we used to frequent 'Cowper's Alcove' yet it still brings a smile to my does Byron - always!

We drove through Olney just for old times sake after, and I got a close up shot of that little church that my mom loves! and we even drove past my old house too.

This cute little sign has pancake running ladies on it because the village has an annual pancake race that it's quite famous for!

Also I must blog about a lovely little night I spent with some friends recently.  We went to Pizza East, which I was thrilled about, since I'd just been reading a great review of it in the metro paper on my underground on the way to meet them and was thinking I must try that place and little did I know we would be trying it that very night!


It is located in Shoreditch and I loved the interior! It is located in an old warehouse and everything is very cool, from the lampshades to the clientele!


but rest assured Pizza East is not just a pretty face, they do very delicious food as well! Gourmet pizzas is what they do best, and my spicy sausage and brocoli one was amazing - check that crust! and my old fashioned lemonade was a welcome change to boring soft drinks menus too!


We were all suitably impressed, salads and all! and it was lovely to be able to have a girly gossip even if it didn't end in sweet treats.  Apparently Shoreditch don't deliver on the dessert front...maybe next time - Tinseltown anyone?!

I did also go for some fantastic Mexican this week, as usual, but will have to blog about that at the weekend once I am reunited with our Mac and with lightroom so check back on Saturday to see where we went this week!

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  1. That is a beast of a pizza! Quite an adventurous choice for you too! I don't think I every went to the alcove when I was in MK, but you got some cool pics.
    I bet the reunions are exciting - I remember when I was away on camp for a week there was flowers and a soppy card for the first time ever! Absense really does make the heart grow fonder! xxx
    P.S WHy am I getting like 50 views from your cupcake blog a day? Not that I'm complaining like! x