Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The final wave to Wales...for now!

Sooo much has been happening! and I have just had 3 amazing weekends in a row in London that will make their way into an enormous blog post sometime soon, so I realised it was time to get these pics from my final days in Wales out the way! 

I returned to Bodnant the week before I left with my friend from uni, Sarah, because last time I went the world famous Laburnum arch wasn't in full bloom and I definitely didn't want to miss out on seeing it! 

Somehow the dreary day we awoke to gave way to an amazing sunny and hot day! so we started off our day at Bodnant with a little picnic...

complete with coconut scones and homemade lime curd!

The blue skies made everything look more brilliant!

and I was loving all the water lilies.

The flowers weren't blooming last time I was there so it was exciting to see!

I was just loving being able to soak up the sun, it had been a good few weeks before our trip that the sun had shown it's face around those parts! 

I took Sarah to all the best spots for posing! after I had scoped them out a few weeks before with Nadira!

I didn't get a pic of these waterfalls last time and everything was just bursting with colour!

Now, here's what we were waiting for! 

The gorgeous Laburnum arch! 

I have seen tons of pictures of it, it's on lots of postcards you can buy from local shops but seeing it in real life was pretty spectacular! 

The yellow was so vivid! and it's certainly one of the prettiest things I've seen in a while! 

While the sun was still shining we popped over to Aber Falls because Sarah had never been before...

so we had a little whistle-stop tour of all the worthwhile things to see in North Wales!

and ended it by driving up to the awesome view point just above our village...

and of course no sightseeing tour is complete without a trip to Beaumaris and to the yummy Red Boat Ice Cream Parlour which we did the following morning!

It was a fun few weeks spent with lots of different friends coming to stay and keep me company while By was in England already! and although I wasn't sad about leaving Wales I was sad to be leaving lots of good friends behind.  

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