Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Meat Market...a little slice of America in Covent Garden!

Happy 4th July to all my American friends out there and also my American loving friends! 

I'm bringing you this post out of sequence of events because I'm just too excited by this place and want you all to go eat there because it's AMAZING!

I had read about Meat Market on quite a few blogs over the past few months, they opened back in May and they hail from the same people that created Meat Wagon and Meat Liquor so I just knew it was going to be an awesome place to eat! 

I had read about crazy queues so we decided to be super prompt and arrive just before they opened at Midday on a Saturday - this was a great idea on our part because it meant we had the place to ourselves when we arrived, I could take photos galore and our food came super quick! 

I absolutely loved every detail of this place, from the metal cages they store all the condiments in....

to the alphabet magnets dotted all over the place...

and even the jokes on the ice machine!

They have a whole lot of signs, most of which are pretty amusing.  I enjoyed this one the most...

and they have a chalkboard of converted veggies! Now that is impressive...

and then we come on to the menu! Ohh the menu, how could I choose between a chilli dog and a burger? Chilli dogs are my fave! but I had heard their burgers are similar to In-N-Out burgers so I just had to give them a try.

I ordered the Black Palace burger which was every bit as delicious as it appears in the picture below! It was a double patty filled with gherkins, melted cheese and ketchup.  The last time I had the pleasure of eating an In-N-Out burger was over 7 years ago so I can't really remember it well enough to compare but Mara had some just last summer and definitely felt like Meat Markets burgers were the winning burger out of the two!

She ordered the Dead Hippy burger! smothered in Dead Hippy sauce which is a mix of ketchup, mustard and mayo and we shared these amazing corn puppies on the side! They are essentially mini corn dogs without the sticks hence the puppy name! and I could have eaten these by the trayful!

We also shared a 'side' of chilli cheese fries but check out the size of it! The portion sizes are awesome for the prices and I felt like the overall meal was definitely great value considering just how tasty everything was! If you don't like things too hot maybe skip the chilli fries...they made my eyes water! but they were so tasty I just had to keep eating them!

Of course no American meal is complete without a milkshake.  Unfortunately the only flavour they had was vanilla which is a little boring in my book, but it was such a good vanilla that I was actually won over! It was nice and thick, just how I like them and the vanilla flavour was so creamy and delish!

All in all, Meat Market is amazing and if you live in London and haven't been there yet then why not! I will give you advance warning that this meal filled me up so much, I literally couldn't even think about food for the following 6 hours...and if you know me that's pretty unusual! I even turned down free sweets and free Krispy Kremes in Selfridge's because I was just that full! but after we went back to Mara's and had a lie down, we were both making plans about when we can go back and stuff our faces again! 

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