Saturday, 28 July 2012

Milkshakes, Cupcakes & Zoo Lates...all because I turned 26!

My birthday began in the best kind of way - opening presents!

Apparently my love of coconut has spread to Shropshire and thanks to Alli I got some awesome coconut body butters and lip balms - yum!

My love of America is obviously more widely known so this Martha Stewart 'American Food' recipe book from my mom went down an absolute treat! Inside are recipes for all my favourites such as Key Lime Pie, Corn Dogs, Fish Taco's and Pulled Pork!

and some peanut butter Oreo's and a milkshake and ice cream recipe book from By were equally exciting! but best of all he bought me some amazing FireForks for toasting 2 marshmallows at a time (for s'mores fun) you can check out how cool they are when we made s'mores back here.

My mother in law had the day off work too so she went out especially to buy a blender to whip me up a special fresh strawberry birthday milkshake (it was delish!) and bought me my favourite flowers - gerberas, with some added ranunculus later on in the day!

and I got a rather impressive amount of birthday cards relating to cupcakes! 

My friend Nicola even managed to find one with an Oreo cupcake on! which means she must have psychic powers because I spent the majority of my birthday whipping up these... 

for these lovely people...

because what's better than zoo fun accompanied by cupcakes! Each summer London Zoo opens its gates for something called 'Zoo Lates' where from 6-10pm for adults only you can enjoy some of the animals they have to offer, and also enjoy some delicious food (we all know I'm not the biggest animal lover in the world so yes I was mostly there for the food!)

but this tiger was pretty cool! Unfortunately there was an even bigger tiger lover than Jade hogging all the glass space so Jade never got to introduce her tiger from her t-shirt to the real tiger! 

Her animal themed t-shirt was appreciated all the same though!

Here's nearly all our group - I'm not sure where Amy and Sam were hiding (and By is behind the camera!) It was so lovely to have so many of my friends all in the same place! 

We planned our evening around the penguin performance! so we stocked up on dinner before the show began! There were loads of various food stalls to choose from..I was torn between a few but Mexican, as it so often does, won out in the end! I had some amazing pork tacos and enjoyed my second milkshake of the day!

so it was smiles all round!

There was a huge crowd that had gathered for the penguin fun! Unfortunately, the star penguin was apparently pretty tired and not up for coming out to see everyone!

so instead we had to watch two members of the crowd dress up and act like penguins, and then 5 minutes later the show was over! so that was a bit disappointing...we were hoping for actual real penguin action!

We consoled ourselves by bringing out the cupcakes!

Laur has the same birthday as me! so it was double-y exciting to be able to celebrate it together! 


I love this group shot of everyone enjoying the cupcake action, clearly Jade has enjoyed it a little too much since somehow frosting had made it's way to her nose! I'm sure she won't mind me sharing this slightly embarrassing pic of her since she seems to have established a tradition in our friendship to share embarrassing pictures of me! 

cupcakes + birthdays = 2 happy girls!

One of the best parts of the night was the silent disco! Silent discos are usually pretty entertaining as they are...a load of people wearing headphones dancing around (whilst those watching on can hear nothing but just observe everyone's silly moves)

So Zoo lates' silent disco was made twice as hilarious due to the fact that we were also dressed as zoo animals whilst the silent dancing was happening!

and since there were so many other dressed up dancing animals, no one really looked twice!

Smiles all round for the dancing butterfly, ladybird and tiger!

The little lights strung through the trees added extra ambience...

but our carousel ride to round off the night was not to be as it closed just as we joined the queue!

but after a day packed with cupcakes, shakes, Mexican and silent dancing dressed as a lion it didn't damper our spirits! so it was a fun filled day all round!

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