Monday, 28 February 2011

Chilling on the beach, Colada smoothies and crazy amounts of conch...and it's only day 4!

We had planned to go kayaking on day 4 but when we woke up the wind was pretty crazy and it would have made for quite hard work to kayak across the channel, not that you would know it from the pictures of the crazy calm water above! so we opted for a beach day instead, which pleased Jade greatly as it meant Sunny was allowed to come too!

Jade is very well travelled...we made her list today, 34 countries and counting! so for her to say that Provo has the best beaches she has ever seen is a pretty big compliment! in the picture above though it's not hard to see why!

Bang on with our colour co-ordination again! those who've travelled with Jade before will know that posing for this shot was a bit nerve wracking for Jay-dee as it involved climbing over rocks!

Jade's been taking plenty of 'family pics' of the 3 of us while she has been here...

and of course she's been getting involved too! Sunny is one adored potcake! or cake pot as Jade would say!

Jade was so impressed with her first patty she tried the other day that she requested more of them for lunch! This time we went to Chinson's and persuaded Jade to get a chicken loaf instead...and to try some coco bread - both are amazing! and it was nice to sit outside, listen to some Bob and chow down.

Jade's first experience with a drive through atm!

and her first experience with a smoothie from froots! We both opted for the pina colada - and wow I forgot how good those smoothies are, it had been far too long! 

We whizzed back to Pelican Beach in time to catch the Sunset...

that is pure delight on Jade's face right there!

I promise this picture is not looks like it is but it's just because the colours were so crazy vivid and we managed to catch a particularly amazing sunset that night! 

We ended the night at Da Conch Shack.  Jade was having trouble deciding so she went for the conch combo platter...a great intro to all things conch!

We took a walk on the beach whilst waiting for our food, and were amazed to discover all the conch shells in the sea! 

and here is the pile of discarded conch shells after the conch has been removed...check out the awesome pink colour on the inside of the shell! 

It was a great night...great food, great company, great atmosphere! 

and Jade has definitely become a conch convert! 

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  1. Hey Gem! It looks like you had the best time with Jade, I'm loving all the pictures, I haven't been able to go on the internet for a few days so it was fun catching up on your adventures! I can't believe how blue the water looks, even more than I remember and so still! The sunset picture is incredible and you are looking mega brown (lucky thing!) The cupcakes Jade got you looked so delicious, how did you manage to not eat them all in one go!! I also really love the pic of you, By and Sunny, xxxxx