Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

So back in England a Valentine's day would have consisted of a yummy meal at one of our fave restaurants, nowhere fancy, just TGI's or Chiquitos or somewhere along those lines.  We would have got each other fun presents, maybe a giant Millie's Cookie or box of Krispy Kremes! However, when you live in Turks and Caicos and have an awesome husband like Byron you get taken parasailing for Valentine's!!

Technically we went on Friday since it was unusually pouring with rain on Valentine's and so By's lovely surprise had to be postponed a few days...but it was worth the wait because the view we had of the Island was incredible because it was such a clear day.

Here we are on the boat, soaking up the sun before it was our turn.  That's our boat crew in the background, only in TCI would your boat crew be called Garfield and Junior! 

Here is our action shot, pre take off, courtesy of a lovely tourist on board from Ealing Broadway!

We went up pretty high and the sun was just setting behind us which made for a great view,  it was certainly a Valentine's Day to remember.

We have also just been filling our days with more beach walks with Sunny.  Here we are playing around, with the sea looking especially turquoise!

This is our synchronized digging.  We discovered one day that Sunny loves to dig! By had decided he was going to dig a hole and bury me on the beach so he asked me to help and as we both started digging out the hole Sunny went opposite us and started digging his own hole! It was so funny and anytime he looked up to see how ours was progressing he'd continue digging away.  He now digs on command so I thought I'd snap a picture of it.

How we are going to miss this little guy when we leave :(

Yes, we are homeward bound at the end of March, and unfortunately we can't take Sunny with us.  We are trying desperately to find him the perfect family to look after him when we're gone.

My job wasn't really panning out as intended, and whilst we've loved our time on the Island, it was just time to head back to England.  Now we can both get jobs and save up some serious bucks for when we head to Bangor in September! Yes Provo to Bangor will be quite a slap in the face! Hopefully the cold and rain won't be too unkind to us! 

For now though I am super excited about all the things I will be returning home to such as.....

The tasty chocolate - dairy milk, mint aero, cadbury's caramel, toblerone, lindt, minstrels, double decker, twix's, snickers...oh how I've missed you all!
Curry from a take away!
Duck pancakes from a Chinese!
Krispy Kreme's
All of London's cupcakeries
Trying the new Mexican restaurants that opened while I was gone like Chimichanga in Milton Keynes
Wearing my ugg's!
Eating good bacon, and sausages that don't taste of maple syrup!
Eating good bread that is savoury!
Having more than 2 varieties of squash to choose from
Clothes shopping
IKEA! and Costco roadtrips
Driving to lots of different towns/villages to shop/explore...just because we can!
Catching up with all our friends and family
oh yeah and how could I forget....

Seeing KINGS OF LEON on MY BIRTHDAY in HYDE PARK.  It's going to be immense! I am beyond excited! So many fun times ahead! 

but don't stop following the blog just yet, Jade arrives TOMORROW! and we have so much fun stuff planned for while she is here, and Byron's dad and brother Cam are coming to visit us in March so I'll have plenty of photos to post about with all our upcoming visitors! and who knows I may just have to rename the blog 'Chilling in the rain' and continue documenting our adventures when we're Bangor bound!

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  1. Great pics. It's always useful when someone offers to take pics for you. Now we have the beastie camera we feel less inclined to ask people as they find it confusing! Did you use your slr or do you still have the little hand held??
    Have an awesome time with Jade. Watched Letters from Juliet last night - you'd love it! Super cheesy and plenty of Taylor Swift tunage! xxx