Saturday, 26 February 2011

Scuba, Sunbathing and Sunsets at Chinson's...and it's only Day 3!

So today Jay-dee got to put into practice her newly learnt skills and go on her very first dive...ever, and what better place to do your first dive then here in Providenciales!

We took a 45 minute boat ride out to the dive site at North West Point. The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the water was clear and it was the perfect day to see some fish!

By and Jade got suited and booted, and then it was time to jump off the boat!

After a few last minute nerves and a slight panic on the surface after Jade's weight belt fell off, she made her way down to 60 ft and was diving like a pro in no time.

Here are the triumphant divers after their 1st dive, they saw alot of tropical fish but not too much else so they were ready and eager to take on the 2nd one!

The 2nd one proved much more fruitful, and they saw a pretty big barracuda (which Jade is still seeing when she closes her eyes days later!) it gave her quite a scare! along with a reef shark, an enormous lobster, a turtle and a sting ray.

As they made their way back to the boat, the captain told me to throw some pringles out in Jade's direction.  The fish would eagerly swim to the surface to eat them up, and she would get to see them up close! Unfortunately as I threw the pringles in Jade's direction the wind blew and they went in the opposite direction ending up right on top of Byron.  The next minute a whole group of 10 or so snapper fish were surrounding him gobbling up the pringles and one over zealous snapper ended up flapping around in his face! It was pretty hilarious, and I was laughing so hard I forgot I had the camera in my hand so I'm afraid I didn't get to capture it! but if you look closely in the pic above (which I took straight after) you can still see some of the snapper lurking behind him! 

Everyone was all smiles after the 2nd dive, and after eating some cupcakes! it was time to just soak up the sun on the boat ride back to the marina...

...and what a boat ride it was! 

Here we are with Bridget, Jade's dive instructor and our friend from church.

After the diving fun was over we went up Harbour View Drive which is a great little lookout point and By snapped this pic of us and the crazy turquoise ocean behind us! 

We also got a good view of the marina where we had set out from on the dive boat.

We headed back to Emerald Beach (our local) to soak up some sun before dinner time.  Jade was amazed at the conch that you can just find randomly on the beach! 

and we spent a couple of hours working on our tans...

and it seems Jade's 'photographing Sunny obsession' is rubbing off on me too and I couldn't help but snap away as he wondered around...

...he's actually getting pretty good at posing for me now! Check out that cutie pie!

As it was Friday night, where else does one head but Chinson's, because their Jerk Chicken special is amazingly awesome! The owner happily posed with Jade for a pic as the sun was setting in the background, and we tried to restrain ourselves on the drive home from not eating it all up but it was hard because it smelt sooo good!

So it was a day of firsts all round and Jade's experience with Jerk Chicken was definitely a good one! and is sure to be just as memorable as her first scuba dive too!!

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  1. Haha LOVE the story about the pringles. Can't believe that they saw a shark - Adie would be v.jealous!
    Loving the pics of the two of you and glad your having a jolly old time! xx