Monday, 14 March 2011

The boys are back in town...

So the Braithwaite boys were finally reunited yesterday (minus Ja who will be hitting up the slopes of Andorra next week) and doing what they do best they headed straight to the beach.

There's no denying that they are South African through and through with their love of the sea and the sun!

Not even the choppy water could keep them away, here is Kevin diving straight in for a swim!

By and Cam were picking the best wave spot to ride the boogie board! 

When we got home it was time to open up all the prezzies that were sent over for us! You can see the pure excitement on my face...check out all that English chocolate! and my cupcake tee my mom sent for me.

By's dad also had a few hours to kill in NYC on a layover and went to M&M world to buy us that bottle full! The awesome lipglosses and polka dot pumps are from my mom as are all the malteser bunnies...which are fading fast right now! 

By's mom, Kathy, sent me these amazing cupcake earrings! and plenty of dairy milk to go around and By even got some little rubber duck earphones since he has a bit of a duck collection going on back home!

This morning, the wind was still going pretty strong, but it was perfect kite flying weather! So we headed to The Point with a kite By's dad had brought over from England.

By holds it in the ready position...

and all it needed was a gust of wind to send it soaring...

it kept them all entertained for about 15 minutes until unfortunately the wind got a bit too strong and it broke!

Here is Sunny and his new best friend, Cam, as I write this he is licking Cam's ear off on the sofa right now! 

After that we headed to Taylor Bay for some calmer water, and some swimming and sunbathing time.

This evening, despite the wind still blowing strong, there was no better place to watch the sunset go down then 'Somewhere' our fave Mexican restaurant.

Here are the boys with their fruit punches, and By snapped this sneaky shot of me...too bad you can't see I'm wearing my polka dot pumps here too! 

You have to love eating quesadilla's, listening to Gwen and watching the sun set! It was a great evening...

and I think the fact that we devoured our food within about 10 minutes proved how much we all enjoyed it! 

After the sun goes down, they light up the tiki torches and turn on all the terrace lights.

How we love being able to share all these cool places with our family, it's going to be an awesome two weeks!

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  1. Fun, fun, fun! Looks like your having a good time. Love all your pressies - mom was stressing about it all. Some things never change! I said there wasn't much point sending too much as your leaving soon!
    M&M world sounds epic! xxx