Thursday, 24 March 2011

A 'Heavenly' night at Coyaba

Coyaba has been on my 'must visit' list since we arrived here on the Island.  I had heard and read great things about it, and in particular I had been swayed by the fact that they apparently had an amazing dessert menu - which as we all know appeals to me greatly! 

So it pleased me very much that when I handed the dining guide to my father in law when he arrived, and asked him where he wanted to eat, that Coyaba was the place he chose! The reason for his choice was because they served one of his favourite dishes - Lobster Thermidor.  I suggested we saved eating there until the night before they left because I had a feeling all the other places we were planning to eat at would pale in comparison...I was right! and what a way to spend their last night in Turks and Caicos!

It was a lovely setting with vines and a tropical garden winding around the whole restaurant, intertwined with fairy lights! and we started off with my fave drink here on the island - fruit punch! We also had some amazing warm bread to start with the yummiest coconut dip...I knew we were off to a good start!

You know it's a fancy restaurant when the 'appetizer' costs more than our mains usually would! By and Cam went for the guava tamarind ribs with Haitian fire slaw! Pretty exotic hey! I'm not a ribs fan but even I enjoyed a little taste of them too! and they were goooood! 

Check the little shot of tomato juice too which we were meant to drink at the start of the meal too...fancy fancy!

Kevin had a lettuce wedge stuffed with all kinds of crazy stuff like blue cheese...

and we cleansed our palates with some yummy lemon sorbet!

Then it came time for Kevin to finally be reunited with Lobster Thermidor! he had been waiting the whole 2 weeks since he arrived to try it so there were some high expectations at stake.

It didn't disappoint! and even Cam and By decided to get in on the lobster action.  Lobster season ends on March 31st, you can no longer serve it after that date and so the boys thought they'd be adventurous and get some too.

I think Cam's excited face says it all! It was his first time trying Lobster, By had it before on our honeymoon in Mauritius and everyone was suitably impressed.

I even decided to have a go at the whole being adventurous thing! and ordered the grilled Mahi Mahi (a local fish here in Turks and Caicos...bear in mind the extent of my fish eating back in the U.K was fish fingers!) it came with a coconut curry and jasmine rice and mango salsa! Totally tropical...and completely delicious!

Then came the most exciting part of the evening...dessert! You know you're in for a treat when the dessert menu arrives and it's just as big as the dinner menu! We even got this complimentary little shot of strawberry mousse while we waited, it was delish!

Cam and Kevin went for the banana caramel xango - a banana and caramel cheesecake in a deep friend cinnamon tortilla! and I love the way they served the strawberry! 

By went for the flourless chocolate cake, which he's smelling in the picture, because the cocoa smell was amazing! 

and oh my oh my, this was my key lime pie! and it was the best, most delicious key lime pie I have ever tasted in my life! it was served with a mango and raspberry coulis and I could quite happily have eaten 10 more of these, they were that good! My mom is a HUGE key lime pie lover and I would consider bringing her back to Turks and Caicos just to try this pie! no jokes! 

I am so glad we got to try out this fantastic restaurant before we left! Sad that we didn't try it sooner, but we probably wouldn't have been rich enough to eat there twice anyways (or once even, thanks Dad!) Our time on the Island is coming to an end very quickly, and we are just enjoying each moment...and meal the best we can! 


  1. Thst looks like the most delicious food and so beautifully presented. A real classy joint all in all. Fab!
    By looks very native with the tan - its craziness.
    So excited for your return and our Jones girl reunion! Woo!
    P.S That deep fried cheesecake thing looks jealous!

  2. wow - jealous!! Everything looked delicious! Glad you tried the mahi mahi, I loved it when i had it. All the little extras you got must have made a great meal and bread dipped in coconut - yum! The desserts looked out of this world! I love the picture of you Gem - very pretty! xx

  3. I've never seen food look that good!
    Gem, I'm going to miss the regular updates from the Caribbean. You must start a blog about life in Wales. Though I think it would be a challenge to find food as delectable as this there.