Monday, 28 March 2011

The final days...

So our time in TCI is very quickly coming to an end.  We had a farewell dinner with our friends, The Behlmaier's, consisting of some awesome burgers and of course cupcakes! and some apples to apples (a U.S board game).  We are sure going to miss our games nights with them! 

On the day Cam and Kevin left they had their last snorkel of their Smith's Reef.  Somewhere Byron has been wanting to go for ages and now wishes he had found sooner, as they saw alot of good stuff there! 

Check out this lionfish! If only they'd had a spear on hand (they are trying to kill as many as possible here in TCI as they are doing some serious damage to the local fish population)

Here's Kevin and By enjoying their time down on the reef.

 On Saturday By went for his very last scuba dive, sad times! Although exciting too, because this last dive meant he has now completed his advanced open water course.  He had to do two types of dive: the first, a he is with his underwater compass:

His 2nd type of dive was in underwater apt! and the sea life were certainly ready to pose! this nurse shark circled By for a while and eventually settled down on the ocean bed for a snooze right in front of By!

This is a Parrotfish, my favourite kind of fish to see here...

and By's fave is the Queen Angel Fish

There was alot of different coloured coral to see, and I think By got some awesome shots...

 like this bubble pic!

Another one of By's fave things to see under the water is a sea cucumber, and this one was especially large! 

and here is some rather originally named 'brain coral'! 

On Friday night we had a lovely homemade pizza feast at our Branch President's home, and on Saturday night we got treated to delicious meal at Caicos Cafe by some of our Canadian friends from the branch. We wanted to try and eat somewhere we'd never eaten before on By's last night, and it certainly didn't disappoint! We got some amazing ribs...yes I'm now a rib convert! and one thing we're defo going to miss is the good food here in Provo! 

We've also just been spending as much time with this little guy as we can (he's keeping me company until I'm reunited with By!)

This was By's last shot with Sunny :(

and this is Byron's 'I don't want to go home' face as we waited in the check in queue at the airport.  When we arrived they checked in two people at the front of the queue, and then the two check in desk workers went to get some dinner in the cafe within view of us, so the queue of 40 or so people watched and waited until the staff finished their dinner before they checked the rest of the flight in! One of the things we won't be missing about living on the Island! 

He is back home in the U.K now, and I have 3 more sleeps to go! until then it's corn dogs and root beer for dinner - oh yeah! 

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