Thursday, 17 March 2011

Let's go fly a kite...

We headed to Coral Gardens on Tuesday to go for a snorkel.   Here the boys are in all their gear.  Unfortunately, the weather hasn't really been co operating since they've been here so the water was a little choppy and murkier than usual but they still managed to see some parrotfish, grunts and snappers (and even a sea cucumber!)  We will hopefully go back when the wind dies down to spot some more...

but thanks to the wind and a quick kite repair it was back to kite flying again!

as we watched the sun set...

a pretty good backdrop for any activity right?!

On Wednesday whilst By and I were at work, Cam and Kevin went on a little kayaking adventure.

They kayaked through the mangroves...

and ended up at Little Water Cay, a.k.a Iguana Island! what a whopper!

When we got in from work we headed to one of our nearby beaches and the boys went snorkelling for conch.  Here they are attempting to enter the water with their flippers on! and check out Cam's awesome Caribbean style board-shorts...pineapples and coconuts and all!

They didn't manage to find any conch this time, but we will be visiting Conch Shack next week and they have some pretty spectacular shells there! 

On Wednesday evenings, us and the rest of the Island (so it seemed) headed to Tiki Hut for their Chicken 'n' Ribs night.  If there's one thing these South African boys like even better than the sun, it's ribs!

Cam and Kevin are working well on their tans, they've pretty much surpassed mine already but you can see in the pic below they've still got some catching up to do to compete with By!


Today was a bit of a washout, rain all day! which hardly ever happens here in Provo! so once the rain stopped this evening the boys headed to the dock to do some fishing...not much was biting - the weather still wasn't great so we headed home for some brownies instead! 

We're hoping for a  big improvement in the weather this weekend for all the fun things we have planned!


  1. It looks like you are all having the best time! Hope the weather is better for you this weekend (although I know that when you say bad weather over there - it doesn't quite have the same meaning! As you are all wearing t-shirts!) I love Cam's tropical pineapple shorts! The picture's funny where they are trying to walk into the water with flipper's on! x

  2. Looks like your all having a fun, energetic and action packed time. The sunset pics are ace!