Monday, 15 August 2011

I wish they all could be California...diners!

You may have noticed there's been a break in all the Mexican eating around here.  For the past few weeks I have turned my attention to the other cuisine I love: American - in an attempt to make up for the fact I'm not in California right now with my sisters eating the real deal!

Last week we hit Bodean's for some pulled pork and A&W and also Lucky 7 for some double thick milkshakes.  This week I arranged to meet up with two of my uni friends, Nicola and Leanne, for some diner fun at Ed's.

I haven't been to an Ed's diner since I was about 10 so it's been a while! I feel like so many other slightly 'cooler' diners have popped up in London over the last few years that I sometimes forget about Ed's so it was nice to go back.  If you're looking for the classic red bar stools, red booths and jukeboxes at every table then Ed's is a fun I totally LOVED that the majority of songs we heard all night were Beach Boys! However, it is worth noting it would have been even more fun if the individual juke boxes actually worked, rather than just being for aesthetics. 

One of my biggest dilemma's of the night was whether to go for a milkshake or a root beer float as I'm such a fan of both!! Leanne and Nicole are big Oreo lovers so it was a no brainer for them and Oreo milkshakes it was, for me I decided at the last second to go for a root beer float...since you can't find A&W on just any restaurant menu I always feel like it would be wrong not to order it when it presents itself! I made a good choice!It was a very generous helping of ice cream and it brought me that little bit closer to California!

For the main course I ordered a chilli dog with fries.  It was pretty good, but not the best I've ever had...but all in all the root beer float made up for it! and a great night was had by all!I'd probably be more inclined to go back to places like The Diner, Lucky 7 or Eagle Bar Diner in the future over Ed's especially since we went to the one by the Trocadero in Picadilly Circus and The Diner and Eagle Bar are both within walking distance from there.

Also, last week I spotted the Big Easy while on a bus going down the Kings Road.  It definitely looks like somewhere I want to try very soon!

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