Monday, 8 August 2011

London loving: the perfect weekend

Last weekend Byron and I shared a perfect weekend in London...and of course it had to start with some A&W!! Poor By is stuck in Milton Keynes all week long whilst I 'live it up in London' and he is left to just hear of all the yummy places I've visited and see the pictures on this blog which isn't so fun for him!! so this weekend it was his turn to join in on some of the action!

I knew for my rib loving husband there was no better option for dinner than a night at Bodean's.  His tray arrived piled high with slaw, fries and a half rack of ribs - yes that's right, that is a half!! how anyone could eat a whole is beyond me!

I had to go for pulled pork, I was intending to try something different from the menu but you just can't beat it and I certainly wasn't going to risk missing out on my pulled pork fix!

Root beer makes me insanely happy!

I snapped this little shot as we were leaving, it really is a tasty and happening place to be on a Friday night!

We decided to be tourists for the night and it was quite a warm evening (until we got down next to the Thames and the breeze made it rather chilly!) so we decided to take a stroll down by the river.  We loved seeing everything lit up (check out Big Ben in the background!)

I love the lights of the London Eye from this angle!

By was messing around with a long exposure, I like the effect it creates on all the lit up buildings in the background!

Here I am, pondering how awesome London living is whilst on the bridge!

and you've gotta do the London Eye pose.

How awesome is this picture!!! The South Bank was buzzing with tourists and excitement the night we were there, we even saw a wedding! and it made me so happy to be there and to be a part of it...I love London!

So as you know...last weekend was our british Summer, we're probably not going to get another sunny weekend like it! so we definitely wanted to make the most of it! We cycled up to Hampstead Heath...if you ever want to get fit fast I recommend this bike ride, the beastly hills just kept on coming!

but when you get to see views like this it's all worth it! remember I told you I'm obsessed with the Gherkin? I got a little over excited when I realised I could spot it in the distance here!

and we brought a little picnic along complete with yummy treats from Gail's deli and homemade cheesecake brownies!

Our little polka dot picnic rug from Dunelm Mill has come in quite handy this summer!

Yes I'm wearing jeans, it was cloudy when we woke up!! but inappropriate clothing aside we had an amazing afternoon basking in the sunshine!

Next up, we headed to Brick Lane for a bit of East End action. I have been wanting to check out Kooky Bakes forever, they have an amazing array of delicious looking goodies!

From bounty and tropicana whoopie pies to peanut butter cupcakes...these guys know how to pack some calories!

I had a peanut butter whoopie and By had the chocolate and coconut one, they were sooo yummy !

We also browsed around Spitalfields and By was loving snapping all the quirky people we saw along the way!

The food markets on Brick Lane are completely incredible! From Ethiopian to Brazilian to Thai to Mexican to Caribbean to Malaysian to Chinese...they really have it all!  It was more than tough to make a decision!

but By went for the old classic Pad Thai, and I got a duck wrap with hoi sin sauce which was amazing!!

I love how fun everything seems in the sunshine! Ice cream vans on every corner...

shirtless riders taking advantage of the barclays bikes!

and oh yes we found our street!! which was fun...

and I leave you with more squeals of we turned the corner from Braithwaite Street and got this amazing view of the Gherkin! I love how full circle we had come since seeing it as a spot in the distance from Hampstead Heath to being right on it's doorstep! will I ever bring myself to leave you!

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