Friday, 19 August 2011

My future home...Penmaenmawr: full of mountains, a beach...AND an American diner!

So a few weekends ago we returned to Bangor to start our house hunting again.  Around the same time as this last year we went and did the same.  You may remember I was less than enthusiastic about Bangor itself, and the houses we viewed were terrible.  I wondered how I was ever going to live there.  Luckily, my crazy job offer came up in the Caribbean and we managed to put it off for a year! but here we are again nearing September when Byron and I are both going to be back to being students and we needed somewhere to live!

It was an interesting day, pouring with rain...and I'd left behind a very hot and Sunny London! the first two properties we looked at were uninhabitable - literally! Things were not looking good, and then we stumbled upon Penmaenmawr.  It's a cute little seaside town just 10 minutes outside of Bangor.  It has just a handful of shops...but would you believe it, an American diner called Perry Higgins is one of them!!

I believe it was meant to be! It's probably the only American diner in the whole of North Wales and what are the chances of it ending up in the little village where we were going to view our final property! Lucky for us it was an absolute beaut, with sea views out the front and mountain views to the back! I did want to take pictures and share them with you but Byron suggested since our blogging content might be a bit thin on the ground come September, since North Wales isn't the most hip and happening place, that perhaps I should save that for when we actually move! So for now I'll share with you the awesome diner that we ate at!

It was called the lazy dollar and everything was super bright and shiny - I loved it!

Somewhere along the line someone decided serving milkshakes without ice cream would be a good idea! It's not, certainly not for an American diner so that was slightly disappointing! and certainly not for a milkshake enthusiast like myself...

but the food was amazing! We had these chilli bean and cheese paninis.  Again, a rather odd thing about the diner was that it was vegetarian! A rather new concept to me for an American diner, no burgers or hot dogs etc...! but we enjoyed our food all the same!

The highlight of course, as always with me, was dessert! You may or may not know that I'm the biggest Key Lime Pie fan ever, possibly only 2nd to my mom!! and so I was pretty excited when they saw they had this on the menu! It couldn't quite compete with the best key lime pie ever that I had whilst in the Caribbean! but for North Wales it wasn't too bad at all!

I had to snap a patrotic pic with the flag! whilst thinking of my sisters who were enjoying the real deal over in California!

So if you ever happen to find yourself in Penmaenmwar, and you pass this funny little antiqute shop with a diner attached on the side be sure to stop by!

We snapped this awesome view as we were leaving the village, I'm not sure that little ice cream man was going to get too many customers that day, it was kind of chilly! but By liked how funny it looked out there in the middle of nowhere! and we are excited for all the mountain walks/walks on the beach we are going to get involved with!

Less than 4 weeks to go! So I'm making the most of the shops and restaurants in London and I also shared a super fun touristy weekend with my American coming soon!


  1. It looks lovely. Enjoy the seaside and the walks in the hills, wish we could be there to drop in for tea (rooibos, of course).

  2. It doesn't look as bad as you made out! Can't believe that there is a diner there - craziness! And a veggie one - hello! I will be there!!! xxx